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   Pastor Hansen

Meet Pastor Hansen

First let me welcome you to our site. It's a pleasure to introduce myself to you here. Often times young couples want to get to know a little about the pastor who'll be performing their wedding service prior to meeting with them. It's my endeavor to answer some of your basic questions here.

As you have no doubt read in the other pages here Pastor Hansen is very out going and is always available to help anyone who needs his help and support. A member of Alcoholics Anonymous, he is very active in helping others over come the disease of addiction be it drug or alcohol. His wife Sandi is also a major support element in their on line Recovery Outreach Program -

Facts and Only the Fact:

Pastor Hansen was born in Germany in 1959. He Grew up in California, accepted Christ as his personal savior at the age of 14. He graduated from Vacaville High School in 1977. After which, he joined the U.S. Army where he served for 9 and half years in the Military Police and Engineer Corp. where he attended Bethany Bible College, and Hartnel University while on active duty at Fort Ord. In the past he has worked as a Deacon, Youth Pastor, Assistant Pastor, and has done many other functions relating to the ministry, as you'll see below.

Pastor Hansen has also worked several non-religious jobs over the years such as a commercial truck driver doing both long haul and local delivery work. He’s been a Computer Network Administrator, Field Eng. and Help Desk Supervisor and currently works as a lawn service technician.

Through it all his faith has always been in the forefront of his jobs preaching the gospel to those who need to hear about God's plan of salvation, offering to pray with fellow employees who need prayer, or sharing his experience with addiction and his own personal recovery. Today, Pastor Hansen demonstrates his faith by living his faith daily by being the light of salvation to the world.

Faith and Religion:

Pastor Hansen has walked many roads in the name of religion in his lifetime. He has experienced both the traditional and non-traditional religions. Religions such as Spiritualism back in the late 60's & 70's when his parents found the newly forming Spiritualist church and invited him to attend also.

Here is where he learned about the various forms of mediumship, psychic healing, and other forms of what some would call the occult. Though the church did not practice any form of Satan worship or the "black arts" they did however feel that they could communicate with the dead through mediumship. They felt that God was a major part in this experience as it was talked about in the Bible. Pastor Hansen knew that this church was not for him, that it went against everything he had learned as a Christian. Being a born again Christian since his early youth, he found it ever increasingly difficult to accept the false teachings of the church and subsequently found his way back to God's true church. With in 4 years, his parents also dropped their membership to this new age church and found God as well. Though they were not active in any one religion or church they too knew that this was leading them down the wrong path.

As a child, Pastor Hansen was a member of the Baptist faith. He was baptized at the early age of 7 years old where he learned the fundamentals of Christianity. In High School, he attended the Assembly of God Church where he cemented his conviction for Christ's love for us here on earth by dedicating his life once again to God in Heaven. As a child, Pastor Hansen knew in his heart that he had a calling to serve God in some capacity. He worked closely with the pastors in each church he attended to strengthen his awareness of God's plan for his life. He taught Sunday Schools, worked as a Youth Minister, and became an active part of the church itself no matter what the faith was.

While he was in the military, Pastor Hansen founded the Military Police Christian Fellowship. He's also worked as a drug and alcohol counselor, and marriage counselor for the military families stationed at Fort Ord. He’s served as a Juvenile Investigator and Desk Sgt. when he was with the Military Police. In each of these positions God was training him how to handle life's problems through his faith. At the age of 29 he was given his first opportunity to preach from the pulpit at an Assembly of God Church. He knew in his heart that this was where God had been leading him since birth. He became an associate pastor in the church for several years working close with the pastoral staff members while he was there. He had found his calling, the true purpose behind it all.

So Why The ULC you ask?

When Pastor Hansen moved to Michigan, he was asked to perform a wedding for some friends. Not sure if his Calif. Ordination was legal or not, he had the couple do a legal wedding first through the Justice of the Peace. After which he would be happy to perform the wedding for the family and friends in a mock ceremony.

Seeing that there was a need for affordable wedding ministers he found the Universal Life Church on line, which is based out of Calif. They granted him full ordination into their church for free, just for the asking. Though he didn't think this was acceptable, or right as they provided little or no formal training for their ministers. It was a means to legally perform weddings within the state of Michigan at an affordable price.

After verifying that the Church was indeed legal, he accepted the ordination from the church. But he still held onto his Christian training and background. Today, Pastor Hansen's faith in the ULC has grown much stronger as many of the newly ordained ministers are also Christian Pastors. The old stereo type of the odd ball church popping up has dwindled down immensely. No longer are the ministers just looking for a means of beating the tax man.

Today many of the ULC ministers have Christian backgrounds. Who like Pastor Hansen have been called into the ministry and who have come to the church to simply help others with their personal needs be them spiritual, or simply to officiate weddings for family and friends. Today’s ULC ministers are all working hard at overcoming past issues to create a new stronger fellowship of faith minded individuals who have been honestly called into the ministry. In the state of Michigan alone, there are over 300 ULC ministers actively working in the state, and six known registered churches.

Related Affiliations Pastor Hansen is a member of:
Founder of the Michigan Pastors and Ministers Association
ULC Ministers Association of Michigan
Volunteers at local hospitals augmenting their clergy staff.
12 Step Recovery Counselor, and member since 2000
Founder of the 12-step-recovery outreach website
Owner of the recovery egroup Recovery_Chat on Yahoo

We hope that this has helped you to get to know your pastor a little better. And we look forward to hearing from you soon. If you would like to get a feel for Pastor Hansen's faith in action, we invite you now to read a few of his sermons on line where he shares his faith with the readers periodically .

If you would like to email Pastor Hansen directly you may do so his email is .

Again we wish to say thank you for allowing us to take this moment to introduce ourselves to you.

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