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Gorean World


The Red Savages are the peoples of the Barrens, similar in many ways to the Native Americans of North America. They were described in the novels Savages of Gor and Blood Brothers of Gor, books #17 and 18. Very few Red Savages live outside the Barrens area. They are racially and culturally distinct from the Red Hunters of the northern polar regions of Gor. The Red Savages are more slender, longer-limbed and their women menstruate at an earlier age. Their babies are also not born with a blue spot at the base of their spine. Their hair color is commonly black. Red and blond hair are rare among them. The Red Savage culture is nomadic, based on the kaiila and the kailiauk, similar to the horse and buffalo. Oddly enough, the Red Savages were once an agricultural society. The acquisition of kaiila though made them decide to change to a hunting society. The abundance of kailiauk as prey helped make this a viable choice for them. This is unusual as most cultures evolve from a hunting culture to an agricultural one. The opposite change is very rare. Commonly, agricultural societies can support a larger population on a smaller area of land than can hunting societies.

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