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Wedding gift ideas (for parents use if guests contact you for advice)


Original ideas are to be encouraged!  We’ve given some ideas below for those that need inspiration.  We would certainly appreciate tangible gifts!   However, if people wanted to give money or gift vouchers for specific ideas we’ll be good and promise not to spend it on anything else!  It may be appropriate for us to wait to spend the money until we return to the UK.  For other ideas, we could buy the gift in the US if you think we may like to have/use it immediately.



Ways to buy a gift:

1. Buy a gift on your own.

2. Club together to buy a gift between friends.

3. Buy part of a set of items (e.g. crockery & glass crystal).

4. Money for or towards a gift.

5. Gift voucher (Debenhams vouchers are valid for ever, John Lewis can arrange for the voucher to be extended from their usual 12 month period).



1. Crockery: ‘Bistro’ range from Habitat [Click here for price details].

2. Lead-crystal glass:

(i)                  (i)                  Glasses & decanters: Grosseto range by daVinci Crystal, found at John Lewis: Hi-ball £14; Sherry £12; Goblet type1 £14; Goblet type2 £13; Flute £13; Wine Decanter £45; Spirit Decanter £45.

(ii)                (ii)                Jugs (£100), Carafes (£75), bowls (£35-£165) and vases (£75-100?) from the Jasper Conran ‘Aura’ range (Stuart Crystal), found at John Lewis/Debenhams/ (maybe House of Fraser).  The Aura range also does glasses and decanters, but we’d prefer the Grosseto range for these items.

3. Things for the home: anything from Habitat.

4. Digital camera (expensive so may be good for a group present?).

5. Video camera (expensive so may be good for a group present?).

6. Money for camping stove.

7. Art (sculpture, painting, scroll of cranes on wedding invitation).

8. Membership to:


concert hall

conservation organisation


wine club!

9. Money for ski passes (e.g. for the US).

10. Vouchers for


Click here to see items that have been bought (We won’t look!! – if you change the ‘bought items page’ then ensure that the link still works)


Please remove gift ideas if you know that they have been bought except for those that people can add to, such as glassware/crockery.  The table containing the prices of crockery items could be copied into the ‘bought items page’ and extended to indicate what’s been bought.  A similar table could be created for glassware.