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Town "D" MMDL
Questionables have been a proud part of
the M.M.D.L. for over 15 years.

South Norwood Spirits
1098 Washington Street
Norwood,MA 02062

***Pool Table***Darts***
***Live Band Friday Nights***

Welcome to the Questionables Web Page.
We are one of 3 teams that shoot out of
South Norwood Spirits. The others are
The SNS Shooters and the SNS Booze Bags,
we don't need the SNS tag, we know our way
home. Bring on the 2005 Season!
Our sponser, "Big Dave McMorrow, has
really got the fever, putting up 2 new
boards and more lighting really makes
the place inviting for all you darters out
there that want to stop by and hang out awhile,
don't have to look far for a game. Catch ya on
the line.

This would be him

This webpage is dedicated to the memory of our friend and team mate
**Scott Sypek**
"Once Questionable, always Questionable!"

Our Motto

Team Questionables are:

***To be announced***
*The Questionable Hall of Fame*

Joe Marinucci T80 - RO9
Chip Cummings T80 - High On T60

**** Questionables All Time Point Leaders****

Steve Henkin, Bruce Holland, and Rick Brown 2 Wins - 1 Loss
Joe Marinucci, Fred Ricci, and Chip Cummings 2 Wins - 1 Loss

Joe Marinucci and Chip Cummings 11 Wins - 2 Loss
( The Twin Towers )

301- Chip Cummings 10 Wins - 4 Loss

*Questionables schedule & match results
for MMDL Spring 2005 season*

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8
Week 9
Week 10
Week 11
Week 12
Week 13
Week 14

****Questionables Updates****

***None until start of season***

We have pictures

Here's some cool dart related links

Our Dart Team's Summer Alter Ego

Hey, ya wanna check out some cool tunes?
Ok, it's a shameless plug for some bands I'm in,sorry.

"Justin Seine"

"Ravens Die"


**Here's a band that we can't wait until they return to SNS**

......::::Public Service Announcement::::......
Hey folks this is the time of year that
alot of us are out on the slopes. Be smart,
too many people get totaled yearly out there,
so wear a helemt. There are some good ones
out there. Look we even got you a link to
a top notch helmet company, what else do we
have to do? Hold your hand? Get one and get
out there and have some fun. L8R!

Now that we have serious business handled
Here's a little dart humor for ya!



These colors don't run!
Never have, never will!

Never Forget!

?***The Questionables wish to thank the following people***?

*Thanks again to Dave McMorrow, his lovely wife Maureen and
the gang down at South Norwood Spirits*
*Thanks to our friends that travel to away games to support us*
That would be you Kathy and Aindrea
*Thanks to the gang at MMDL for all they do*
*Thanks to the men and women of our Armed Forces*
*Questionables Team Logo designed by C&C Ink*

We'd love to hear from all the darters out there

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