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Welcome to our main page. We are a group of racers that do bike races on our free time. If you'd like to join one of our races, please e-mail us a with the subject line stating your name and which race number you'd like to attend.
Any people from ages 9-14 who want to join our team may e-mail us too with your name and bike model/type in the subject line again.
Races will only be held for ages 9-14 so please don't try to always be at every race. Some races may have prizes so keep an eye out for those races.
Prizes will not be at the time of race. Prizes will be handed out on the next race the winner attends.
We recommend that you only participate if the race is close to where you live as we WILL NOT be responsible for any injuries, crashes and transportation for the racer.
Please keep in mind that we will only hold races in the Scarborough city.


Mountain/Biking gear
Bikes and assessories

Team Members of the Bike Racing/Drifting Sanction