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Roleplay Example

Upon waking up from the light taps to his cheek, Bi's eyes opened, only to appear as slits in the place of the pair of orbs.
Blinking a couple times to adjust against the bare sun and to take in his surroundings before he rubbed his eyes of crust,
Rain sat up as his legs bent to pull in a bit. Looking over at the femme who'd awakened him from his slumber, he greeted her
presence with an inquiring expression, which held within questions of his sleeping on the sand, being woken up as her
intentions and why he was at a wide, vast and empty-like area.

Most of course, unknown to him was their predicament, only to expect that they were mobbed and left somewhere as a set-up for
the many star idols that'd boarded the plane to make appearance, only to be left befuzzled and self wealth-less.
The solumn mask on her face had only strengthened his thoughts and applications to the situation. Without a proper introduction
or greeting, it was business before pleasure as Rain asked 'What's happened? Anything wrong?' inplace of his inquiry for the moody expression.