Church Testimonial (9/9/02)
Thanks to Angy for sending me this.

Source: RajahWWF.Com / Jason Cagle Date: Sept. 9th 2002

I got the opportunity to see Shawn Michaels give his testimony at Gulf Meadows Church here in Houston, Texas. First of all, I am a Christian and I have looked forward to hearing his testimony and it was good. He started off talking about being in the business and wanting to fill a void in his life or that piece that was missing. His life long dream was to be the WWF Champion. He thought that that would make him happy. About the third time we was champ, he wasn't happy. He talked about how he dabbed with drugs, sex, and drinking. He never had an addiction to one thing. He just spread himself around. Good laugh from the crowd. At times his mom would think he would have a problem with something and he would stop completely. But he still had other things, though. He went on to talk about meeting his wife and falling in love. Shawn then went on talking about how his wife needed to get back into church and Shawn was a strong supporter. He said, "Honey, I am right behind you... way back there but I am behind you nonetheless." Finally he began to take an interest in what she was reading... the bible. He would go to church but there was still that void. And while he would be alone eating and having a beer (which was ok 'cause it wasn't around anyone so he wasn't hurting anyone else), his wife would be in their closet praying for him. He made a joke/comment to all the guys. He said, the bible teaches you how to be a man and he wanted to be what his wife wanted him to be. Then he said, "That's how you keep them. You may think they want what you want to be but really guys, be what they want and they'll be happy." Another "pop". But he then started to read the bible and thought not only should he be what his wife would like him to be but he said, "I can be this man of God. I want this." He then went into his church and met with a friend name Keith. It was Keith's bible study that finally led him to Christ. He talked about how he as HBK thought he was the best in the ring and bringing home the money and taking care of things but without Christ... he wasn't a even the man. He now feels that the void is filled. Afterwards, he stood at the front and signed autographs. After a while he was like "I gotta sit down" and sat and every so often he would stand up to stretch his back. He was real nice and took pictures and signed whatever the people had. Some asked if he was going to be at Raw and he said probably not and some asked if he was going to wrestle again and all he said was "God willing" meaning that if God called him to. I got a picture of him signed and told him that I was a long time Rocker/HBK fan and that it was great to see him wrestle at Summerslam but his message was more worthwhile than his match and he looked me dead in the eye and said "thank you, sir" and shook my hand and I patted his back and I left. All in all it was awesome to see HBK and it is great to see him preach his testimony and give all credit to God. Good times.

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