WWF.com interview (3/21/02)
Conducted by Seth Mates

Toronto- What does Shawn Michaels think of his old friends, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, returning to the World Wrestling Federaion? Will he be back any time soon? And what dows WrestleMania mean to him? WWF.com caught up with the Heartbreak Kid at FAN AXXESS to ask him these very questions and more.

WWF.com: How are your wife and son doing?

Shawn: They aer wonderful. They are fantastic. Thanks for asking!

WWF.com: What's it like for you to be here?

Shawn: It's fun. It's WrestleMania, and WrestleMania is always fun. This is a little more special. I have some old friends here that I get to see. We're a little older and a little wiser, hopefully. We're definitely older. I know that much. It will be fun.

WWF.com: Speaking of your friends, how do you feel about Kevin Nash and Scott Hall returning to the World Wrestling Federation?

Shawn: I think it's great. I think it's wonderful. I understand that there are certain people our there, I guess certain dotcom folks, that have their opinion, but one thing everyone needs to remember is that the relationship that wrestlers have with Vince McMahon- the relationship (Hall and Nash) had with Vince and the relationship I had with Vince-- more often than not is much different that the relationship you have with other wrestlers or with other people in the industry. And that was always the relationship that we concentrated on. Vince is very much like we are, or we're very much like him. And that's why he likes us. People may or may not agree with it, but I think all would admit that if you gave them a choice of getting along better with your boss or getting along with your friend, which one would you take? In my opinion, most would say getting along with your boss.

WWF.com: Are the five of you - Michaels, Triple H, X-Pac, Hall and Nash - still as close as you once were?

Michaels: No, we're not as close, simply because we've all gotten older and we all have different lives now. Hunter's life is where most of ours were five years ago. Our lives were all concentrated on the wrestling business. And that's where his life is now. My life is concentrated on my wife and son.

WWF.com: So Triple H is here, Nash is here, Hall is here, X-Pac is here - any chance we'll see Shawn Michaels back in the World Wrestling Federation any time soon, even in a non-wrestling capacity?

Shawn: I don't know. I'd certainly let them know, as I have in the past, that I would be more than happy to. That's not my decision; that's Vince's decision. Over the last five years and the 10 years prior to that, every decision that Vince made concerning me and my career, I always stuck to it and understood it. So I will do the same in this case. If Vince wants me to do, I'll do; if he doesn't want me to do, I won't do.

WWF.com: What do you think of how the nWo was brough in, in terms of being "locker-room cancers," which was a tag given to the Kliq?

Shawn: What the wrestling media calls "locker room talk" is not really locker room talk. It's maybe three guys. The rest of that locker room is filled with a bunch of young guys that are just trying to make it in the wrestling business. The rest of the locker room is filled with guys that all watched Hogan and Hall and Nash and Michaels when they were young. So this so-called locker room talk really consists of about three guys, and most of the time, those are the guys who, for whatever reasons, have concerns, whether it be fear for their position, or just a general dislike for us. Who knows what their reasons are. But the one thing I have learned is that when they say "the word is" or "the buzz in the locker room is," that consists of about three or four guys.

WWF.com: The name "Shawn Michaels" has been synonymous with WrestleMania for years. What are some of your favorite WrestleMania moments?

Shawn: I've got a lot of them. I always enjoyed WrestleMania. The first one (at WrestleMania V) was memorable, just because it was my first one. It was at Trump Plaza many years ago. And obviously the Ladder Match with Razor (at WrestleMania X) will always be one of the all-time best matches of WrestleMania. And the Iron Man match with Bret (at WrestleMania XII), winning the title, going an hour with the only guy at that time you could have an hour wrestling match with. And the last one (WrestleMania XIV) is also special, for a couple of reasons. I was fairly certain it was my last one, but also, it was taking part in watching the wrestling business take another direction and taking it to a level that it hadn't been at before. Just being a part of that was pretty cool.

WWF.com: What's it like when you think about the fact that it has now been four years since you competed in a World Wrestling Federation ring?

Shawn: I think it's been a long time. (laughs) Somebody just mentioned that to me, and I was like, wow, has it been that long? And it has. But you know, I had four wonderful years in between there, especially the last three. As I always knew, the Federation and the wrestling business are going to surviv just fine without me.

WWF.com: There were rumors last year that you were supposed to make you in-ring return to the Federation right around WrestleMania time. Do you want to address those rumors?

Shawn: There's been rumors and talk that I was going to come back since WrestleMania XIV. There's talk now that I'm going to come back. Let's put it this way -half the time (the rumors) say I'm gonna come back, and half the time, (the rumors) say there are no plans for me. If they keep saying that, eventually one of them has got to be right. (laughs) So they're pretty consistent. And what are you going to do? I'm not in touch enough to know what all the rumors and innuendo are; all I can say is that they're just rumors and innuendo. And they call it that. When the day comes that they start calling it "fact," then maybe I'll start paying attention.

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