WWF.com article (2/04/01)
Michaels' Return Definite
Conducted by Phil Speer
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Rumors have been circulating for months that Shawn Michaels wants to return to the World Wrestling Federation. When the Heartbreak Kid announced recently that he was closing down the Shawn Michaels Wrestling Academy, many fans assumed he was doing so to concentrate on his potential comeback.

In an interview with WWF.com, Shawn Michaels set the record straight. Those rumors ... are absolutely true. "I'm in negotiations about coming back to work," Michaels said. "For me to even come close to being able to compete with the guys, I'm going to need to concentrate on my job."

So when will the big return happen? Michaels says he doesn't know yet.

"We're still working out a few more details on the negotiating table -- sort of between my lawyer and the WWF," he said. "I'm just waiting to sign my name. There are just a couple of things they have to work out."

While he's waiting, Michaels has been working out about five times a week. Right now, he's been spending all his time in the gym, but in a month or two, he'll incorporate some time in the squared circle as part of his workout routine; he knows the only way to really get into "ring shape" is to get in a ring.

Michaels -- the Federation's only Grand Slam Winner, having worn every title the Federation has to offer -- knows that, because of injuries, he'll only be able to wrestle from time to time. But that doesn't necessarily mean -- as some believe -- that he's only coming back for one more big match.

"Both myself and the WWF are hoping for more than one match, but we also know that we're dealing with a guy that's really beat up," Michaels said, referring to himself. "It's my intention to come back on a full-time basis as far as television is concerned. But I'm not going to be wrestling every Monday or every Thursday or every Pay-Per-View."

Anybody that watches Federation television knows that there's a lot more going on than just wrestling matches. Michaels is arguably the greatest mat technician in Federation history, but he's also one of its all-time greatest talkers. Some of the most memorable moments involving the original D-Generation X -- Michaels, Triple H and Chyna -- were segments in the ring that had nothing to do with wrestling. That's what Michaels means when he says he can return full time but only wrestle occasionally.

About 50 athletes completed training courses at the Shawn Michaels Wrestling Academy. Four of them -- Spanky, Shooter Schultz, American Dragon and Lance Cade -- have Federation developmental contracts and are currently training at Memphis Championship Wrestling.

The school isn't really closing down, either. "I'm selling it to Rudy Gonzales, the guy who was helping me run the promotion," he said. "It'll continue to go, under a different name. I will still do things in an advisory-type role. But for the most part, it'll be all Rudy's.

"If they want to go somewhere and train correctly, I still encourage them to go to this school."

source: WWF.com

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