Regis & Kathy Lee (11/96)

Regis and Kathy Lee Show - 11/11/96

Clips of Shawn Michaels from Wrestlemania 12 play

Regis: He really knows how to work up a crowd. About to defend his WWF Championship one more time, here is the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels!

Sexy Boy plays as Shawn arrives with a bouquet of flowers for Kathy Lee

Kathy Lee: That's very sweet of you. Thank you.

Regis: Hi Shawn. How ya doin' big guy?

Shawn: Wonderful, thank you.

Regis: The belt, huh?

Shawn: (Hands the belt to Regis) Yeah, that's for you.

Regis: Now this is the World Championship. The WW...boy, it's heavy, isn't it?

Shawn: Yes, it is.

Regis: How long did you have to wrestle before you got this?

Shawn: 12 years.

Regis: And how long have you been champion?

Shawn: I've been champion now since March.

Regis: Did you wrestle last night somewhere?

Shawn: Yes, I did. I was in Cleveland, Ohio last night.

Regis: Did you win?

Shawn: Yes, I did. Still got it (points to the belt)

Regis: I understand a little snow in Cleveland last night.

Shawn: Lot of snow. 14 inches last night.

Kathy Lee: Close you eyes Reg, and listen to him speak. He's Jack Kemp. Go ahead Shawn, say something.

Shawn: Uhhhhh...

Regis: And that's why Dole and Kemp are now running only for the Whitehouse. Uhh, Shawn, 12...

Kathy Lee: And not a bruise on you. I don't understand how you guys aren't completely covered in bruises all the time.

Shawn: Well technically the only thing showing is my face. I do have, I do have some bruises.

Regis: Now over the years you're probably a litany of broken bones and things like that. Why don't you tell us what things have happened to you.

Shawn: Let's see; I've uh, broken my hand, tore an ACL in my knee, herniated a disk in my back, various concussions. Good makeup job in the back; I have a number of scars on my head.

Regis: What would you do, Shawn. Well, when you retire, what are your plans?

Shawn: Hopefully look back on a wonderful career.

Regis: Yeah, sure. But doing what?

Shawn: Relaxing out back in my pool.

Kathy Lee: What sounds good to you? Caribbean Island?

Shawn: Yeah I, I think actually, what sounds the best is being home because I spend so much time on the road. Nearly 300 days a year, and uh, I'm single, and it makes it much easier but still, I'm a mamma's boy so I miss my parents and uh, my family.

Kathy Lee: He misses his mother. I love it.

Regis: Would you like to go to ballet class with us?

Shawn: (Laughing) sure, sure...

Kathy Lee:Are you in touch with your sensitive side? Your femanine side, and how...just kidding.

Shawn: Oh, well yeah, I mean, I make jokes about being a mamma's boy, but my mom and I are very close. All the boys in the family and my mom are close. And I'm the baby and I'm 31 years old, and I come home now and I still get treated like I'm 2 years old and to be perfectly honest I'm loving every second of it.

Regis: Wait a minute. I've been to those wrestling matches. The women go crazy over you. You are the Hearbreak Kid.

Shawn: Well that's really been my gear, but not today. I'm just Shawn.

Kathy Lee: Well maybe that's because he gets his heart broken more than he breaks other people's.

Shawn: That's the truth, too.

Regis: Oh please!

Shawn: Hey, it's true!

Regis: Oh please!

Shawn: It's true, it is.

Regis: Who broke your heart last?

Shawn: The last girl I went out with.

Regis: Really? She didn't want to wrestle?

Shawn:Well, I don't want to say she won't wrestle, but I'm to the point right now where I want more than wrestling in my life.

Regis: You want to settle down and...

Shawn:Yeah, I wanna do this till I'm 35 years old and that's it. I don't want to stay longer than I should. There are a lot of guys that are still in our line of work that really shouldn't be. Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Jerry Lawler, Jim Duggan and uh...

Kathy Lee: You want to name names and really get into a fight?

Shawn: No ma'am. No ma'am. But uh, I wanna do it as long as I'm good at it. And if I feel like I'm starting to slip then I'd like to do something else.

Kathy Lee: Maybe acting, Shawn?

Shawn: Well you know this weekend my first, my first and only acting job (laughs) so far...

Regis: What is it? What movie?

Shawn: I was on Baywatch.

Regis: Baywatch! Oh my God!!

Kathy Lee: You made it.

Regis: Sounds like an Emmy to me. See all those babes on Baywatch.

Shawn: Yeah well, that's the kind of job I could get used to. Where the work is just lay on the beach all day. Then your part comes up and you go (makes a face)...Cut!

Regis: Sunday night you got a big one, huh?

Shawn: Yeah.

Regis: Fighting Sid, uh, Vicious?

Kathy Lee: Sycho Sid

Shawn: He's had a number of names, yes. He's 6'9, 300 pounds.

Regis: He's your former body guard?

Kathy Lee: And friend.

Shawn: Yes, and we have some sort of conflicting personalities, but uh, we're still semi-friends. When it come to going to work...

Regis: It comes to this. The belt is the belt.

Shawn: It really does.

Regis: It's on Sunday night, and it's on Pay Per View.

Shawn: Madison Square Garden. New York, New York.

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