Shawn on Jenny Jones (1996)

Jenny: Well our next guest is a top ranking fighter in the World Wrestling Federation. Please welcome the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels!

Jenny: I might have to pull out a flag here if you guys don't calm down! Well Shawn, I talked to you before, and told you my dad was a huge wrestling fan and when these guys are fans, they're serious fans.

Shawn: From what I understand

Jenny: So you can relate to these guys because their lives are like overtaken with being sports fans?

Shawn: Well I don't know...for me I have more of a tendency to pay attention to the girls...That's just me! I get to be around sports all the time and I don't get to be around girls that much.

Jenny: What do your fans want from you? They just want to touch you...

Shawn: Let's hope so!

Jenny: What you do is a rough business...You call them fights or matches I guess...How many do you do?

Shawn: Matches. Last year I was on the road 300 days.

Jenny: Do you ever hurt yourself?

Shawn: All the time

Jenny: Ever broken anything?

Shawn: I've broken my hand, I've torn ligaments in my knees, seperated shoulders, concussions, cuts and bruises...

Jenny: Concussions?

Audience Member: Do these fights be real or are they just for TV?

Shawn: We're sports entertainment, we make no bones about that...

Jenny: But the skills are real...

Shawn: Exactly

Jenny: When you fall...

Shawn: The physical activity is very real, but we want people to enjoy themselves.

Audience Question: Can I rub his chest?

Jenny: You want to rub his chest?

Shawn signals for her to come up. About a dozen other women follow her

Shawn (laughing): It's a rough life but somebody's got to do it!

Jenny (laughing): Was that a touchdown? Illegal use of the hands is what I would call that! You love it, come on.

Shawn: Yes I do!

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