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This interview was done after the infamous "Beware of Dog" In Your House.

WWFLive2: Welcome to the WWF LIVE on AOL!!! Tonight's guest will be WWF Champion Shawn Michaels!!

OnlineHost: Send your questions in for the Federation Champion!

OnlineHost: Shawn Michaels will be here in a few minutes!!

WWFLive2: Get ready for Shawn!!!!.....

OnlineHost: The WWF welcomes you to another LIVE auditorium with Shawn Michaels!!!

OnlineHost: Ladies and gentlemen please welcome WWF Champion..Shawn Michaels!!

WWFLive1: Shawn: Id like to give everyone my apologies for missing my last date on AOL! Let's have some fun tonight!

Question: What will be the difference this time with the Bulldog at King of the Ring?

WWFLive1: Shawn: I think there was a lot of confusion in my own mind topped with a lot of other confusion that the fans did not know about that was going on backstage with the lighting problems. And I think the fact that I will be really 100% focused on nothing but the British Bulldog will make all of the difference.

Question: If Shawn loses to the Bulldog..could he bounce back?

WWFLive1: Shawn: Yes, I think that I am...I like to think that I have proven in the past that I am an athlete that at least makes the best effort that he can to bounce back in every situation.

Question: Did you see Kevin Nash on Nitro yesterday and what are your feelings about the whole ordeal

WWFLive1: Shawn: No, I did not see it. Yesterday I was on the first date I have had in months. And what they do from this point on is their business and of no interest of mine. My concerns are with the WWF and nothing else.

Question: Shawn, why do you think attendence at house shows are up?

WWFLive1: Shawn: It's because of Shawn Michaels, the Undertaker, Yokozuna, Mankind, The British Bulldog ect, etc The WWF and all of its superstars and their efforts are making the WWF the number one organization in the world and that's why business is up.

Question: Why do you feel you let the Kliq down? You were the one who rolled over the Bulldog for the pin. It's not your fault the ref counted your shoulders instead of his.

WWFLive1: Shawn: I just feel that having my shoulders close to the mat and there being even a slight chance that the fans side with the's a major concern to me and I feel that it's result would be not paying as much attention to the situation as I should have. And if I am careless it has a direct result on the fans and that concerns me.

Question: How do you feel about the Special Referee being selected by Jim Cornette?

WWFLive1: Shawn: The comment I have is that I wonder who is calling the shots in the WWF now. I don't really have a problem with a special referee, one appointed by the WWF. But it has been appointed by Jim Cornette and the Bulldog and that is my major concern.

OnlineHost: WWF Champion Shawn Michaels is here!!

Question: Have you completely recovered from your head injury? How do you feel about the people who said the whole collapse and your being hurt was just an act?

WWFLive1: Shawn: There is nothing I can do about people having their opinions. All I know that I am positive that it had a tremendous effect on my life and my career. But up to this point I have been lucky enough not to have any further effects.

Question: Now that you and Hunter and the Kid are left in the Kliq..any new members?

WWFLive1: Shawn: You will not see any new members, nor will you see any old members. There is now only one kliq and that is the fans of the Heartbreak Kid.

Question: Shawn would you consider having sunny as a manager?

WWFLive1: Shawn: No.

Question: What other goals do you have in Prof. wrestling?

WWFLive1: Shawn: To help continue to thrive in the WWF and to take on every major superstar that the WWF puts in front of me. And hopefully to hold the WWF title for as long as I possibly can and to do a respectable job.

Question: Do you feel sorry for Bret...acting the way he does about losing to Shawn Micahels? Do you think he will be back?

WWFLive1: Shawn: I hope for myself, for the WWF and for the fans of the WWF that Bret Hart does return.

Question: Shawn, How do you feel about Pillman signing w/ WWF? Will we see a match between you 2 in the near future?

WWFLive1: Shawn: If Pillman makes it in the WWF, I certainly see he and I having a match. It is my understanding that he is a tremendous athlete and I think the fans would enjoy seeing us fight.

Question: What are your thoughts of the Kliq incident at MSG on May you regret it now?

WWFLive1: Shawn: I regret nothing that I have done in my past. What's done is done. I can only learn from every mistake that I make and continue to grow.

Question: Shawn: Who has had the biggest influence on your career and why?

WWFLive1: Shawn: Quite honestly the biggest influences have been myself and my family.

Question: Where does Shawn see himself in 10 years?

WWFLive1: Shawn: Looking back on what was hopefully a wonderful and respectable career. Married with children. And hopefully doing something else that brings me as much enjoyment as the job that I have now.

Question: What was the best match you have ever participated in?

WWFLive1: Shawn: I would say the ladder match with Razor at WM 10 and my hour match with Bret and my no holds barred match with Diesel. Why?...I think those three gentlemen and myself measure up perfectly. Good chemistry.

Question: What effect does the Warrior bring back to the WWF? Is he a contender for the WWF title?

WWFLive1: Shawn: I think the effect that the Warrior has is the same as he had before. I donít know if I can describe it but it is something. The Warrior and every other WWF superstar is a threat to my WWF title.

WWFLive2: Shawn, can you tell us about your Playgirl shoot?

WWFLive1: Shawn: The October was a lot of fun and try not to take me too seriously because I certainly don't.

Question: Shawn.. Have you ever thought about pursuing an acting carrier?

WWFLive1: Shawn: Yes, I am interested.

Question: Nina-While I love seeing the "sweet chin music," do you have a new finisher in the works?

WWFLive1: Shawn: If it's not broke, I don't think it needs fixing. The sweet chin music stays as long as it keeps working.

Question: If you had to pick a partner who would you choose?

WWFLive1: Shawn: Probably it would be Bret Hart. Definitely because he is Bret Hart and that should say enough.

Question: Shawn.. will we see Mr. Perfect back in the ring?

WWFLive1: Shawn: Yes, I think you will see him in the ring. Whether it is by his own choice or not? That much I am not sure of.

Question: Powrhug-When and where did you get your tattoo? Does it have any special meaning?

WWFLive1: Shawn: I got my tattoo 4 1/2 yrs ago in Texas. Yes it has a special meaning but with all due respect that is something I keep to myself.

Question: What do you think about the New Rockers? Especially, Marty Jannetty?

WWFLive1: Shawn: I think they are amusing and I wish them luck because I think they are going to need it.

Question: Does Shawn think the Ahmed will defeat Goldust for the IC belt?

WWFLive1: Shawn: It has been my experience that someone like Goldust has an easier time keeping the title now that he's got it as opposed to trying to win it from someone else. I think now that he's the champion it's easier for him to stay the champion that beat someone for it.

Question: Who in wrestling today.. besides yourself do you feel acts the most professional and why?

WWFLive1: Shawn: I guess the Undertaker and Bret Hart.

Question: If Shawn was the President or owner of the WWF what would he change?

WWFLive1: Shawn: Nothing. Everything the WWF is doing, seems to be working. The numbers don't lie.

Question: Is there one wrestler Shawn would like to wrestle and hasn't yet?

WWFLive1: Shawn: I think there are some Japanese wrestlers whose names are unfamiliar to me right now, that I have heard a lot about...I think that would be interesting.

Question: Shawn can you carry the WWF on your back? And is there enough talent in the WWF?

WWFLive1: Shawn: The WWF is much to big for any one person to carry on his back. But it is not so big that a number of talented WWF superstars can carry it. That is definitely the case right now. The numbers don't lie. There is obviously enough talent to bring out thousands of fans on a regular basis.

Question: Shawn...Who do you enjoy watching wrestle outside of the WWF?

WWFLive1: Shawn: To be honest, I have not seen any other wrestling shows in probably the last 6 months. So, it would be a tough question for me to answer at this point.

Question: Who do you think will win the King of the Ring?

WWFLive1: Shawn: I would have to say from a strength and size standpoint...Vader. From wrestling knowledge standpoint I would have to say Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Question: If you get by the Bulldog.. Who is next in line for aTitle shot?

WWFLive1: Shawn: That would be a decision that would be made by the WWF. Personally I want to take on whoever the fans would like to see. My interest is giving the fans what they want.

Question: What is life like outside of wrestling for you?

WWFLive1: Shawn: Since WM12, there has not been much outside wrestling life for me. My life has been consumed by this job. But it is something that I have welcomed. Although I must admit the constant attention by people is something that I am trying to learn to get used to.

Question: Will you spend your entire career in the WWF?

WWFLive1: Shawn: Most likely. My entire wrestling career...Yes.

Question: Now that you are Champion.. Does Vince McMahon treat you different?

WWFLive1: Shawn: No, he does not. I treat him differently.

Question: If you beat the Bulldog..will it put to rest the Diana story?

WWFLive1: Shawn: IMO, Diana Smith's story has already been put to rest. But if some people feel the need to wait until I win at KOTR, then that's when it will be done.

Question: Have you ever suffered any major injuries?

WWFLive1: Shawn: I have had orthoscopic knee surgery, herneated a disc, separated a shoulder, broken a hand, enhanced a concussion and had hundreds and hundreds of cuts and bruises....besides that no :)

Question: Shawn are you currently Dating someone? How do you feel about Sable. Damn she would be an awesome manager

WWFLive1: I do date currently...I am always looking.

WWFLive2: Well..thanks for joining us tonight...WWF Champion Shawn Michaels

WWFLive2: Good luck at the King of the Ring!!! On Sunday June 23!!!

WWFLive1: Shawn: I'd like to thank everybody for the questions and I look forward to doing the best job that I can at KOTR! See you in the future!

OnlineHost: Thanks again..WWF Champion Shawn Michaels!!!!!

OnlineHost: And thanks to ALL the fans for joining us on AOL!!

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