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OnlineHost: Good evening ALL....& Welcome to the WWF on AOL! OnlineHost: Tonight's guest will be the WWF Champion Shawn Michaels!!!

OnlineHost: Ladies and gentlemen..please welcome WWF Champion Shawn


WWFLive2: Shawn: Hello everyone..Be gentle..its my day off.:)

Question: Shawn..what will be your strategy going against Sid?

WWFLive2: Shawn: The same strategy as always...just to adjust to their style. I can't match strength so, I will keep moving fast!

Question: Shawn, how do you feel abourt Bret's return? And his comments that Stone Cold is the best wrester out there?

WWFLive2: Shawn: I'm thrilled that he is back..Everyone has to understand that Bret doesn't agree on how I live my life. As far as his comments about Stone Cold.. He is the best.. Never said I was... However, I can adapt to any style... as far as wrestling I feel I can adjust and that is what it takes to be the Champ!

Question: Shawn, Do you still talk with Hall & Nash? And how long do you think the NWO will last?

WWFLive2: Shawn: Yes, I still keep in touch with them..They are my friends.. Friendship is one thing.. Business is another.. As far as the NWO... It will be around as long as they want it to be..I think its funny that they are "Trouble makers" down their...I taught them well!:)

Question: Shawn, are you glad to see your buddy Hunter get the IC belt?

WWFLive2: Shawn: Yes, I am.. He deserves it. Yes, he put his time in, he is a hard worker, and he deserves it!

Question: Last week on Raw, we saw Pillman pull a gun on Austin? Comments?

WWFLive2: Shawn: At first I thought..pretty heavy..But, then..To me, I feel like so much has changed..with the Monday Night Raw stuff..And in this day in age "SHOCK" value goes a long way..I was once told that any publicity -- was GOOD publicity!

Question: Shawn, we have also Seen Hall and Nash giving the camera's the "Kliq" sign? comments?

WWFLive2: Shawn: Yeah..just because we are in diffent organizations doesn't mean we are not all still friends..And that is what the Kliq is all about..They are just doing it in a working sense. So, it is no big deal..They really know what it is about!

Question: Shawn, we saw you on Regis & Kathy Lee. Were you nervous?

WWFLive2: Shawn: Being in front of people, cameras, or crowds, is no problem for me, that is were I am most comfortable..What makes me most nervous is when I am around outside of the ring in front of people..thats what makes me most nervous In a public setting is where I am most nervous!

Question: Shawn , on Raw we saw you cut a Promo about Sid .YOU seemed angry or bitter? A NEW attitude?

WWFLive2: ShawN: I don't recall sounding bitter..I remember sounding straight forward and honest..I always have been like that..honest..For the last 8 months I have been toning it down. As everyone knows..there have been people taking shots at me for one thing or another..And I realize that because of the position I am in. And evreryone knows that I am an emotional guy...And when I get mad,I yell...And I was MAD! Shawn: I have no problem expressing my feelings...It was nothing new to me.

Question: Shawn, since you have fullfilled your boyhood dream of being champ. What is next?

WWFLive2: Shawn: In the goals are to be consistant..try to continue to make people to come out an see me and the rest of the WWF Superstars...Have more matches for people to enjoy. And to try and continue to grow on what is happening in my life. Outside of the business..some more acting & more modeling..just for fun.Basically,just to see if I'm good at it!

Question: Shawn, you did Playgirl..any regrets? Whats next?

WWFLive1: Shawn: No,not at all...I had a great time...I can't possibly see why I would have any regrets...the response that I got was all positive. As far as what's next...I did a photo shoot with Arla Duncan who is a top fitness model in the body building industry. It should be in one of the muscle magazines...a day in the life of Shawn. How I eat, sleep my workout routine etc. I also took some photos for a cd rom calendar.

Question: HBK, do you think the "high-fliers" of wrestling will replace technical wrestlers?

WWFLive1: Shawn: No, because there is more to what I do, it's not all about moves, not all about costumes. People want all of that plus a good story line. But you have to touch all of the bases. I don't believe those guys do that.

Question: Shawn, you use your Real name(ShawN).Do you think the gimmick thing(Goldust, Plumber) is in the past?

WWFLive1: Shawn: I think the business is already going more towards reality...more than it ever has. So many of the story lines are so close to what is going on in our real lives and were great in the WWF at least. I think we're more physical than ever. There is a positive and healthy competition going on between the guys in the WWF. So, yes I believe the business is much closer to reality than it has ever been.

Question: Shawn Michaels, it seems like many wrestlers are not loyal to one company. Why have you not fled to other wrestling organizations for more money?

WWFLive1: Shawn: You answered the question in your question. Because guys aren't loyal and in spite of what everyone may think about me, noone but me knows what goes on in my head. I want to be loyal. Plus, nobody in WCW with the exception of one guy, that makes more money than me. So even if I wasn't loyal, I'd be crazy to go somewhere else where I'd have to answer to someone else. I work too hard to have to ask somebody if I can do something. I only ask one guy.

Question: HBK, what were your thoughts when the NEW Razol & Diesel made their debut in the WWF?

WWFLive1: Shawn: Honestly I didn't like it that much. But it's not my company. I support whatever this company does. I give my opionion and then I support everyone.

Question: Shawn, will you be at the Hall of Fame? And what legends do you look up to? And do you think you will be in someday?

WWFLive1: Shawn: Yes, I will be there. There are a number of legends that I look up to, except that most of them don't know that they have turned into legends and are still wrestling. I hope I will be in the Hall of Fame would be nice.

Question: Shawn, Do you feel that WWF Superstars are role models for kids. What do you do for children? Any charities?

WWFLive1: Shawn: I do a ton of charity work and I'm learning the effect that myself and other superstars have on children. But I have always told everybody that I am not comfortable with being called a role model for the reason that every sports figure that I have seen has deemed himself a role model has always fallen short. So thats why I tell everyone that I make the best effort that I can, but I am not perfect.

Question: Shawn, being the WWF Champion, what is the one thing that you have learned over the past few months?

WWFLive1: Shawn: That there is a definite trade off for life and lifestyle when youbecome the WWF Champion. It can absolutely consume your life and as wonderful as it all is, I have found that not having much of a private life is something that I will have to learn to get used to...or at least handle better.

Question: Shawn, Do you feel you are getting the respect as a wrestler you deserve from the Fans and other WWF Superstars?

WWFLive1: Shawn: Sure, I think I have respect from everybody and even if I do not, I am more concerned with the goals that I have set for myself and achieving those goals...and if I do that, then I will be satisfied with my accomplishments. I value everyone's opinion, but I also do know that they are just that. What I want is to meet my standards, then I will be happy.

OnlineHost: Well, Shawn thanks for joining us tonight..We know it was your day off.:).Good luck at Survivor Series!!

WWFLive1: Shawn: Goodbye...thanks for listening to me ramble for an hour.

OnlineHost: Thanks again Champ!!! Good luck against Sid!

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