AOL Chat (10/12/95)

OnlineHost: Your emcee for this event is CSEmcee8 (LouMD).

CSEMCEE8: Welcome to the Heartbreak Kid!

HBKWWF: Glad to be on America Online. Fire Away! Question: You DO NOT understand how many women (including myself) want you,or even just be next to you. Question: How can you deal with everybody SCREAMING over your GORGEOUS body and still win?

HBKWWF: Well, thanks to the WWF they keep me busy enough so that I rarely have time to concentrate on anything other than work. But believe me I am certainly trying my best to concentrate on the other.

Question: Shawn, are you and Marty going to fight or tag?

HBKWWF: Marty and I , I believe have settled our differences, people have asked about a reunion of the Rockers, but right now I am concentrating on my singles career.

Question: How do you feel about what happened last night on raw Shawn?

HBKWWF: I have mixed emotions, I don't know whether to concentrate on the injuries or on Dean Douglas. I will probably ignore the injuries as I usually do, and I will show the world that Dean Douglas is the most overrated wrestler in our sport. And at IYH I will show everyone the difference between being good and being the BEST!

Question: Shawn, this is your buddy Eric from Boston - I once drove your white rental car up the ramp for you at the Boston garden! Do you still feel the effects today physically from both ladder matches w/ Razor?

HBKWWF: Both ladder matches definitely have taken years off my career and off of Razor's career, but in time everything has healed and everything is relatively back to normal, as normal as normal can be. With the schedule that I've been keeping, it does not allow me to get behind the microphone as much as I'd like to besides I think VK and the rest of the WWF are a little scared to have me behind the mike.

Question: Shawn, will you either return to the mike or resurrect the Heartbreak Hotel segment on Superstars ?

HBKWWF: Both myself and the heartbreak hotel will be around for a long time.

Question: Who do you think is the biggest threat to your title HB?

HBKWWF: Absolutely none.

Question: How come when you were a Rocker you didn't have chest hair and now you do?

HBKWWF: Once I was a boy, now I'm a man, plus I shaved my chest.

Question: Shawn are you married?

HBKWWF: No, but I am definitely looking.

Question: Shawn, what's your style; boxers or briefs?

HBKWWF: Calvin Klein boxers.

Question: Shawn, Are you going to try to get the WWF title?

HBKWWF: When you have the Intercontinental title that WWF usually makes you spend the majority of your time defending that title, hopefully if the fans speak loud enough which they have been doing, the WWF will be forced to give me a title shot.

Question: Shawn - Do you enjoy performing your striptease at the end of your matches? Will you ever take it all off?

HBKWWF: Yes, I do enjoy it, but restrictions don't allow me to take it all off. But, on live TV anything can happen and as everyone knows, I have never been one to follow rules.

Question: HB kid, do you think that your feud with Sid is over?

HBKWWF: Yes. I just wanted to prove that I was better than him, and I believe I did that.

Question: Where do you get your wrestling attire?

HBKWWF: A young lady from Chicago makes my outfits.

Question: Shawn - Has Playgirl made you an offer to pose for their magazine? If they did would you do it?


Question: What do you think about Monday Nitro?

HBKWWF: My schedule does not permit me to watch much TV, but I welcome the competition but during football season, not even the WWF gets my ratings.

Question: What do you think of Goldust?

HBKWWF: I haven't seen much. But I know he's an extremely talented athlete.

Question: Who is the toughest wrestler you have faced so far?

HBKWWF: Razor Ramon without a doubt in the two ladder matches thus far, will go down as the 2 proudest moments in my life. But definitely the hardest day at the office I have ever had.

Question: After your through wrestling do you foresee yourself still in the business, possibly as a commentator or in a behind the scenes capacity?

HBKWWF: Yes. I will probably go behind the microphone and hopefully do some creative work behind the scenes and lately have been contacted by people in LA for various types of work.

Question: How did it feel to have the Undertaker on your side last night?

HBKWWF: I believe I have tagged with the Undertaker on one other occasion. But believe me, it's much better having him in my corner than him being in the other.

Question: Are you mad that you and Diesel were stripped from the Tag Team Championship belt ?

HBKWWF: The stripping of the tag belts doesn't really bother me all that much. It would just mean more work which I certainly don't need right now. And as far as president Monsoon is concerned I think he is at least making things more exciting here in the WWF. Which is more than Jack Tunney did in a lifetime.

Question: If you beat Dean Douglas, who next?

HBKWWF: I suppose that would be up to the WWF, but I personally would like to face whoever the fans or the press seem to think is so talented. I would like to now start showing to everyone that everything I have been saying about my ability is not brag, it is fact.

Question: How would you fair if you ever faced Ric Flair?

HBKWWF: I think I can run Flair any day of the week. I believe he is talent and I believe at one time, certainly to me, he was the best. But as in every sport, athletes progressively get better. I believe my time is now, so I am taking full advantage of it. I am smart enough to know that this will not last forever.

Question: HB Kid, last night on RAW, what were you talking about when you started to cry? It was a side your fans never get to see.

HBKWWF: I was asked to talk to a number of under privileged children in Wash. DC who had been scrutinized by everyone about their school system. The School ended up having the best attendance record of all the schools in DC. And as I was talking, I was talking as Shawn Hickenbottom, not as the HB Kid. When I looked down at the kids, they looked at me and seemed to be looking for answers. That is a position that I have never been in before and it was somewhat overwhelming. Sometimes in this business you forget how much of an effect that you have on people.

Question: How do you prepare for a ladder match?

HBKWWF: Well, each ladder match has taken place at a PPV and I would like to think that everyone knows I step up my game on PPV events and the preparation is the same regardless of the match and the goal is very simple: I want to steal the show and make sure everyone remembers the name Shawn Michaels.

Question: In your opinion, who is the sexiest girl alive?

HBKWWF: Themis Klarides.

Question: How do you feel about being a role model to little kids?

HBKWWF: It was something that I had never really thought about. You break into this business wanting to achieve some goals and as I said before, there are a lot of times I don't realize the responsibility that goes along with that. I was made aware of that a couple of days ago in DC, I found it to be a very heavy responsibility, but a responsibility that I would be more than happy to bear.

Question: When did you first start to wrestle?

HBKWWF: I started in 1985. Basically bothered the promoter in San Antonio until he gave in and introduced me to the man by the name of Jose Lothario. He trained me and got me my first booking.

CSEMCEE8: We have time for one more question.

Question: Where do you expect to be in 5 years, personally & professionally?

HBKWWF: Professionally I hope to be behind a microphone talking about what a great career I had. Personally I'd like to be married to who I think is the sexiest woman alive with as many children as she wants.

OnlineHost: All good things must come to an end. Time is up for this event!

CSEMCEE8: Thanks to the Heartbreak Kid for being with us tonight! Thanks to our audience members for their great questions. Goodnight, Everyone!

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