Interview from January 2005

On the situation with Joanie Laurer: "The people have heard enough. I can't go and bash her. I've tried to say the truth. I think she's done a good enough job of showing where she's at right now. I just don't like seeing all these people around her that are continuing to let her go on like this and not say how they feel. And if they don't feel that she's out of control, they are f***ing idiots. They need to be smacked in the head like I've been smacked about 50 times. It doesn't even hurt anymore, it's just sad. She's creating this false reality around her. All these people are blowing smoke up her a** and getting handouts from her and telling her what she wants to hear. She might even believe some of the bullsh** that she's saying. She missed three times before to go on Howard Stern. I didn't feel it was in her best interest to go on the show. Come on, don't put a girl on the air when she's in that kind of the condition. I would of never let her go on the air. I just got a text message from her earlier saying 'I love you' and all that. I got my own issues bro. Shit, I almost died myself doing stupid sh**. Even if I couldn't stand the person that came to help her, I would be so grateful. She has contempt for the fact that Vince and Paul (HHH) helped me."

On a possible WWE return: "One day when everything is right. I wanna wrestle really bad. To work for them, you got to really give them a lot. I don't think I have that much to give right now. I got a lot to give, but in smaller doses. I can't go four days a week every week, I can't do it no more.

On DX's invasion of WCW: "It wasn't my idea, I wish I could take credit for it. I think it took some balls to go over there and do that and not know what was going to happen. It had a major impact and something like that could never happen again in the foreseeable future. It was magic. Even the NWO stuff before that, I felt like I was riding that wave that was just taking me all the way. It was great."

On his return to WWE in 1998: "I was really nervous. I didn't know how the people were going to react. I wish I could of expressed myself better. We always look back when we watch matches and think about what we could of done better."

On his departure from WWE in 2002: "The writing was on the wall when Kevin got hurt and Scott was sent home. I was in the best shape of my life at that point. It was clear that the negatives were outweighing the positives. As a company personally, they treated me great. They flew me first class. But creatively, that was meant more to me than anything. It was just time to go. When Scott and Kevin were gone, I wasn't going to have fun anymore. The NWO was completely dead in the water. I had already talked to Jerry Jarrett several months prior to that. I had that waiting for me if the NWO didn't work out."

On his first stint with TNA in 2002: "They had money backers that were pulling out. The money I was promised I would get ending up being something they couldn't pay. When they asked what I could possibly work for, I said whatever you can pay me. I said I believe what you got going on. I am very stubborn with the ways things should be done. When I see things I find morally wrong like the racial stuff with Ron Killings, I just didn't like being involved with that. I don't have a problem with Vince Russo, but we just have different philosophies."

On a possible return to TNA: "I'm not really sure. I just have to call Jerry Jarrett, he's just waiting for my call. I read some stuff online where they don't want to call me, I'm supposed to call them. That's not how it is. Jeff's tried to call me, I've tried to call him. I've been hard to get ahold of lately. I just gotta make the initiative and I just have to make sure my backyard is right. I am healthy physically, but as long as I got turmoil with people that I love, I don't wanna bring that to work with me."

On his favorite title win: "Kane and I winning the tag-team titles against Owen and Jeff, when Kane threw me on top of Owen. I wish that I would of had the opportunity to win the IC belt. I was the first ever in the history of wrestling to have a WWF belt and a WCW belt at the same time."

On Vince McMahon: "He's my friend. He's got a heart bro. He's ruthless at business and he has to be that way. But when the chips are down, the guy's got a heart."

On WWE's tight ship: "I've never seen a ship run as tight as WWE. I've worked MTV stuff and all kinds of different things and it was all chaos compared to how WWE runs their show."

On Ric Flair: "Classy. He's the greatest. The air between us was cleared a long time ago. Whenever we had a match, I flew around the ring for him. He loved it. And he made me look good too. Ric Flair is longevity."

On Eddie Guerrero: "I don't know what to say. I want to say something that will give him justice because he's so great. He's smaller, but he works and fights like a big guy and he does it believably. I like him better as a heel. He has a lot of fire in him."

On Chris Jericho: "He got a lot better from the time I worked with him in WCW to when he got to WWE. He caught on really quick."

On Eric Bischoff: "He's alright. There was a lot of stress running that company (WCW). When things are spinning out of control and you don't know how to level things out, it's stressful. Sh**, I've blown out my top too. I don't have any grudge against Eric, and I was happy to see him in Anaheim."

On Road Dogg: "I love him. He's one of my best friends, but I haven't talked to him much lately. We've done a lot of cool... things and we've had a lot of fun. He wants to do things his own way. He don't wanna be the top dog because it's too much bullshit and pressure. They tried to hand him the brass ring a half dozen times and he said: 'Ah f*** that. I don't want that sh**, it's too heavy!' The weight of a wrestling company is very heavy."

On Hulk Hogan: "Dude, anybody that thinks he sucks is an a*****. I talked sh** about him when I went back to the WWF. It was just a little retort for when he said I couldn't cut the mustard. I saw the opening and had to take it. He knew and he didn't give two sh**s. He lost no sleep over it. I was the one that put him in touch with Hunter and instigated the very first call between him and Vince. Hunter was looking for an opponent for Wrestlemania. Hulk was watching the show and was really down with working with Hunter. I got to work with Hulk in the Meadowlands in a six-man and it was f**king great. He arrived in his private jet and arrived five minutes before they had to go out there and we told him really quick what to do. It was the biggest house they ever had there."

On RVD: "I love him. In our first match, he punched me in the face so hard first thing in the match. He laughed and said 'I'm sorry' and I said it was alright, and he f**king hit me with another one just as hard!"

On Jeff Meacham: "No comment... puss! (laughs)"

On Sean Waltman: "Good guy, far from perfect."

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