WWF Magazine (2/96)
In the Line of Fire - Target: 1-2-3 Kid, Psycho Sid & Ted DiBiase

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Never in the history of the Federation have there been two individuals who are more deserving of each other than the 1-2-3 Kid and Psycho Sid. It's no secret that both superstars helped make their names by back-stabbing former friends. First it was Sid, who about a year ago, while serving as the bodyguard of Shawn Michaels, powerbombed the Heartbreak Kid into oblivion when his back was turned and he least expected it. Then there is the documented betrayal of Razor Ramon, written and performed by Sean Waltman, a.k.a. the 1-2-3 Kid. It was the Kid who did the job on his longtime friend when he served as a guest referee in 16 February 1996 a match between the Bad Guy and Psycho Side To the shock and disgust of a national audience watching on Monday Night Raw, the Kid first saved Sid from Ramon's crippling Razor's Edge, then proceeded to quick count the Bad Guy after Sid covered him.

If you think both stories appear quite similar, you're absolutely right! Maybe that's because they were orchestrated by, the same man - or should I say "mas- termind" - the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase: Now with his Million Dollar Dream Team in place, DiBiase readies his troops to obtain yet even more gold as they prepare to take the Tag Team Title Belts from the Smoking Gunns at the Royal Rumble.

EDITOR: First of all, Kid, how long had- you been in cahoots with the Million Dollar Man while you were pretending to be Razor Ramon's friend?

1-2-3 KID: There were no cahoots, and I wasn't pretending to be anybody's friend! I just made a business decision! I've admired Ted DiBiase for years! Ever since I was a little kid!

EDITOR: Fine. So what you're telling me is that EVERYBODY has a price, What was yours?

DIBIASE: Now wait a minute, Russo! It's none of your business! The simple fact is this - the Kid has finally realized what's important in the World Wrestling Federation and - for that matter - in the business world at large! That's winning and taking home the money! It doesn't matter whom you have to step on, or step over, to get the job done - just get the job done! He's finally realized that and he's thrilled to beon the team! That's all you need to know!

EDITOR: How do you just throw away the relationship you had with Razor as if it was nothing? I can't believe that there isn't a compassionate bone in your body.

1-2-3 KID: (Laughing) You act as if I was married to the guy or something. For crying out loud, this is the World Wrestling Federation! We're all professionals! We're athletes! In the NFL, people get traded from one team to another all the time! It's a fact of life! It's a business!

EDITOR: I don't know, Ted. It appears to me that maybe you took advantage of someone unsure about his feelings at the time.

DIBIASE: What are you, Russo? Some kind of psychologist or something? Absolutely not! What I took advantage of was a young man's talent that was being MISDIRECTED - if you will - by one Razor Ramon! I simply woke the Kid up to the fact that while Razor Ramon was patting him on the back with one hand, he was stabbing him with the other one! He was holding the Kid down! Filling his head with all kinds of garbage! The truth is, the Kid has found a home, and he's found friends - TRUE friends - in me and Sid!

EDITOR: Speaking of Sid, many are calling you nothing more than a "glorified baby-sitter." How would you address those charges?

SID: The Kid doesn't - and NEVER needed - a babysitter! He's a grown man! He made the decision for MONEY, just the way I did! That's what this is all about! He did nothing wrong to Razor Ramon! Think about what Razor Ramon has been doing all this time! He's been using the Kid! He NEVER CARED about the Kid! When they had to go head-to-head against each other, he was standing in his glory when he cheated the Kid!

EDITOR: Let's talk about the Royal Rumble. Ted, both of your men have turned their backs on their partners at one time. How do you know this won't happen again? Maybe, even at the Royal Rumble. How do you know that these two back-stabbers are capable of working as a team?

DIBIASE: As far as Sid or the Kid turning his back on anybody - THAT is strictly your opinion! The Kid made a business decision to join our team! That doesn't mean he turned his back on anybody! This is business! In business you make a decision and you go on! This isn't a matter of backstabbing! The Kid simply realized that his current situation wasn't going anywhere, so he went somewhere where it would go someplace!' This team will go places! You'll find that out at the Rumble when we walk away as champions! I don't make bets or wagers I can't back up so you can take that one to the bank!

EDITOR: 1-2-3 Kid, I keep hearing the word business, business, business. The fact is that. with your "business" decision, you let down millions of your' fans! Where does that fit into the "business" scheme of all this?

1-2-3 KID: That doesn't fit in any where! Don't you understand that I don't care about them? All I care about is myself! I'm securing my financial future! I hope you understand what I'm saying, Vince!

SID: Maybe you can understand this, you four-eyed geek! We're opening bigger and better doors for ourselves! You see, what it is, is that you're a critic! You don't want to see us succeed! You're one of those "rah-rah-rah Razor Ramon is my hero" type of guys!

1-2-3 KID: That's right, Vince! You are nothing but a critic! What do you know about war when you've never cocked a cannon? You sit out there and make judgments about this guy's and that guy's wrestling ability. You talk about who turned their back on whom. All you are is a suit sitting behind a desk and watching television!

DIBIASE: As far as his turning his back on the fans, who gives a plug nickel about the fans? As I told the Kid, when it's all over and your body's been all abused and beaten up, are the fans out there going to pay your bills for you? Are they going to be there when you may need some help? NO! What you have to do is separate yourself from all that and live for right now! Take everything you can get!

EDITOR: So, Kid, I guess that also means your being a role model for kids goes right out the window.

1-2-3 KID: I've got news for you, and I want everybody to understand this - I'm not a role model for anybody! If you kids out here want role models, then look up to your Sunday school teachers! Don't look to Sid, don't look to me and don't look to the Million Dollar Man!

DIBIASE: Personally, I think I'm a pretty good role model. If you imitate me, you're bound to be successful! You're bound to be rich! How much better does it get than that?

EDITOR: Ted DiBiase, all I have to say is what goes around comes around. These two men have shown what loyalty is all about - just ask Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon. You - their friend - may someday find yourself suffering the same consequences!

DIBIASE: (Laughing) So! That's your opinion - too bad nobody cares!

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