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Wolfpac Report- Scott Hall

Wolfpac 4 Life!

There's a bond between Scott Hall and Kevin Nash that truly surpasses the sport. The Wolfpac isn't just a nickname or some cutesy gimmick to draw fans. They are brothers from different parents with a love for one another that extends well beyond the ring to the real world. What one does, the other does as well. What one says, the other says as well. What one thinks, the other thinks as well. What one feels, the other feels as well.

No duo in professional wrestling is tighter than Hall and Nash.


He boiled for 21 days, then exploded at Uncensored.

Scott Hall, the working class hero of the nWo, couldn't get to Mobile, Ala., in mid-March quick enough. Not after SuperBrawl VIII on Feb 22nd, at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, Calif. Not after being denied his SuperBrawl shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. Not after "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, speaking on behalf of the WCW Executive Committee, refused to honor Hall's hard-earned title shot.

Talk about a conspiracy.

Evidently, the WCW Theory is to attack the nWo out of the ring because they ain't winning the in-ring war.

"I guess I didn't get my shot because I just don't have enough political stroke," said the understandably bitter Hall.

Think about it, last November, at World War 3 just outside of Detroit, Mich., Hall bested 60 challengers to win the annual three-ring, 60-man Battle Royal to garner a World Heavyweight title shot at SuperBrawl.

But not according to J.J. Dillon, Piper or any of the misfits on the WCW Executive Committee. It seems that, just because going into SuperBrawl the title vacant, Hall wouldn't get his shot at the tradition-filled San Francisco-based Pay-Per-View.


No way. Especially in life of the another Dillon dictate that occurred at SuperBrawl. Let's jump to the Television Title picture. Days before SuperBrawl, Dillon declared that Booker T. would challenge then-champion Rick Martel in a rematch, with the winner- almost immediately after the three-count- then facing Saturn of Raven's flock.

Gee, this sounds a lot like the World title picture, or at least how the World title picture should have been.

Just imagine the excitement for a three-way battle for the belt with Hogan, Hall, and Sting. Too bad the WCW Executive Committee wasn't thinking.

"I've worked too long, too hard, to have some guy in a skirt tell me I don't get a shot at making my dreams come true," Hall said. "I've wrestled Piper in the past, and if he wants a part of me in the present, hey, no problem. Piper simply made me a martyr to the wrestling fans. WCW preaches tradition, but didn't live up to that at SuperBrawl. I guess The nWo's influence has crept into every pore of WCW."

Hall has been a Tag Team Champion on numerous occasions, and a champion of other titles in the past. But, let's face facts, the World Wrestling Heavyweight Championship belt is the belt, the prize, the trophy. Case in point: Rey Mysterio, Jr., who enjoys winning- and holding- the WCW Cruiserweight Championship Belt, but, wants to prove he can fight anyone, in any weight class. And for Mysterio to prove his immortality in the sport- or for anyone- the World Heavyweight Championship belt is all that matters.

It's the golden egg that everyone wants to snatch.

"I don't think anyone gets into the business to be a hard-working nobody. Everyone wants to the 'The Man', including Scott Hall," Hall said. "I try to concentrate on positive things, although I'm not always successful at it. I know my time will come, though. Piper's decision wasn't the first time I had been cheated in the wrestling business, and no doubt won't be the last; you learn that early in this profession. I'm just gonna keep showing up and doing what I do best.

"If I'm not wearing the World Championship belt, I feel like there are still a lot of people out there who still dig Scott Hall. But I want the belt."

Hall, heading into Uncensored, stood in the same company as Arn Anderson, Kevin Sullivan, Ken Patera, Wahoo McDaniel and so many other wrestling legends: those who reached mega-stardom, but never held the World Heavyweight Championship. In fact, Piper himself also ranks in that class. Too bad he didn't realize that fact when he announced the Hogan-Sting SuperBrawl rematch. And in the process, Piper might have made one of the biggest villains in the nWo, Hall, a fan-favorite, because what happened to him- bottom line- was not fair.

So why did it happen? Everyone's got an opinion, starting with Hall. Again, can you say, conspiracy?

"Maybe because I'm an nWo member and also, because I'm an Outsider," Hall suggested. "Why can't Kev use his finishing move, the Jacknife Powerbomb? Because The Giant got hurt? Hey, a lot of guys get hurt in this business, and they don't ban moves just because of one injury.

"I never claim to be the smartest guy around... I just want what's due to me. And, given the shot, I can beat any given wrestler on any given night."

His words, mind you, aren't just self-promotion. Hall speaks the truth. He's beyond accomplished, into the "awesome" category. Hall is a trendsetter who performs with the best of them. In any business. Hey, Hall's former employer had someone impersonate him after he and Nash left.

Gee, what's that saying, imitation is the greatest form of flattery?

"It's been a great ride, a real roller-coaster, a lot of ups and downs, ever since my first national TV exposure (in the sport), when I wrestled in the (now-defunct) AWA in Minneapolis," said Hall, who actually first started in Charlotte, with the Crockett Promotions.

"This is the life I wanted, the career I wanted. I want to be able to close out my career as having been the World Champion at least once. It's like the quarterback who wants to win the SuperBowl at least once."

And, let's remember, John Elway finally led Denver to the SuperBowl this year.

"I want the title situation explained to me, although I know it never will be. Why didn't I get my shot at SuperBrawl? Because Hogan's got more stroke than me? I don't understand," Hall said. "It's not a secret, some Pay-Per-Views traditionally do better than others. SuperBrawl is one that this company has a deep history in. I was really looking forward to being the main event of SuperBrawl VIII. Then it was taken away from me, but for what reason? I guess I'll never know. But I know I will put (this episode) in the 'ole memory bank, perhaps, if need be, as an inspiration when I'm down one day."

HEY, YO...

With two short, simple words, Hall has the wrestling world in the palm of his hand. The fans are there, ready to scream and shout their support- for WCW or The nWo- and Hall, with microphone in hand, starts his schtick. "OK, you know the drill; it's survey time."

The arena erupts. Handmade signs appear everywhere, hawking, balking, barking and harping on everything under the sun.

Are you, WCW?

Or, are you here to see, the N-W-O?

"I only did the survey because the audience likes to participate," Hall said. "The thing that got a lot of dissension among some of the guys in the back was, if you notice, when we first did the survey, they all were in nWo towns. And that was for a reason; I don't do many things by accident, remember. Now, though, the responses have changed. WCW has become more popular."

Here are a few final thoughts from Hall:


"It's self-created. The Superman curly-q, slicked-back hair, toothpick and stubble. For one thing, I thought it looked cool and different. Also, it makes it real easy to be Scott Hall. I'm happy. I've been blessed, a lot of my dreams have come true."


"Whenever this cat is willing to see how good he really is, I wouldn't mind a shot at him."


"Larry is not quite as good as he used to be, and he never was that good. He had his moment in the sun; he had his paydays. But the wrestling world has passed Larry by. He's a decent announcer, but his days in the ring are over. I would hate to see Larry go out with some really severe injury just because his ego is leading him to keep wrestling. He's always talking about golf. I think that would be a good career for him."

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