WWF Magazine-6/95
In the Line of Fire

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If you were a true World Wrestling Federation fan, you would know that even though there are many rough and tough superstars in the Federation, this is only one Bad Guy. His name: Razor Ramon.
Growing up on the streets of Miami, Razor Ramon literally had to fight for his life every day. The name of the game on the streets was: the survival of the fittest. No rules. No laws. Street savvy was the only thing that kept you breathing.
Years later, having survived the blacktop chaos, Razor Ramon packed his bags and headed for a new fight. Another challenge awaited him in the World Wrestling Federation.
The rest is history. Proudly wearing his attitude like a $500 Armani suit, Razor utilized his street smarts in cutting down rival after rival in the ring. On two occasions he wore the Intercontinental gold, gold that was eventually stolen from him by a devious cowboy and gold that Razor vows to regain if it's the last thing he does.
Recently, I caught up with the Bad Guy as he cruised around Macon, Georgia, in his '72 Cadillac El Dorado. Following is what he had to say abut his past, present and future.

Editor: Razor, you've had quite a successful run in the Federation. Looking back on your career, what meant the most to you?

Razor: First of all chico, take the surprise out of your voice when you talk about how successful I've been. I'm a two-time Intercontinental Champion, and there ain't no surprise about that, chico. If you're asking me what was the highlight - SO FAR - I'd have to say it waqs the ladder match at Wrestlemania X. Shawn Michaels had been shooting his mouth off for too long. There were two champions, two belts, for too long. The ladder match was my kind of match, chico. No rules, and anything goes!

Editor: So, you're saying the ladder match was the match of your career?

Razor: Yo, chico, what am I - dead? Is my career over? Yeah, the ladder match was a great match, but there are many more GREAT matches ahead!

Editor: Was Shawn Michaels the toughest opponent you ever faced?

Razor: Ever faced? Obviously, you don't know some of my opponents from my younger years, chico. My STREET years! If you're asking me who was my toughest opponent in the ring, I'd have to say Shawn AND Diesel. Remember, chico, at the point when I was wrestling them, they were always together. You weren't wrestling just Shawn or just Diesel. You were wrestling Shawn AND Diesel!

Editor: Looking back, would you have done anything differently? Do you have any regrets?

Razor: Yeah, I regret letting you in my car! Yo, chico, who are you - Barbara Walters or something? What is this - 20 questions>

Editor: What lies ahead for the Bad Guy?

Razor: You know the King of the Ring is the next Federation spectacular coming up. If you remember, last year I was in the finals. Now I ain't no crybaby or nothin', but I feel I had Owen Hart beat until the Anvil interfered; but hey, that's the way things go, chico. Owen won, and I didn't. I can only hope for another crack at him this year!

Editor: Let's talk about current Federation Champion Diesel. The fact is that you defeated Diesel at last year's Summer Slam to recapture the Intercontinental Title. Somewhere in the back of your mind, you have to believe that you could do it again. Do you look forward to having a crack at the Federation Title?

Razor: Why are you so dramatic, chico? You must be watching too much Geraldo or something. Of course, I look forward to meeting Big Daddy Cool again. What superstar wouldn't want a crack at the Federation Title? Can you think of any? I can't. If you don't want your craqck at the man, then you have no business being in the Federation.

Editor: Now that Diesel has become a fan favorite, aren't you afraid that the fans will boo you if you get in the ring with him?

Razor: Boo me? Am I worried about fans booing me? Yo, chico, how long have you known me?

Editor: About two years.

Razor: In two years haven't you learned anything about me, man? I'm not concerned about whether the fans boo or cheer me, as long as they WATCH me.

Editor: Are you telling me that the support of the fans isn't important to you?

Razor: Yo, chico! (Razor stops the car.) Let's get one thing straight. I never changed. The Bad Guy was always the Bad Guy. When I first came into the Federation, the fans would boo me if I flicked a toothpick into my opponent's face. Now they cheer. You figure it! I ain't gonna lie to you though; it doesn't hurt to have 20,00 people chant your name. You get adrenaline from that.

Editor: What's your opinion about the New Generation of wrestlers that are coming into the Federation? A lot of them are considered to be aerialists or high fliers. How do you think your street style is going to fare against some of these newcomers?

Razor: I admire the technical ability of some of these athletes. But, chico, I'm gonna dance with what brought me here. If it ain't broke - don't fix it. I'm a fighter. I do what comes natural to me. If the 1-2-3 Kid was 6'*' and 280 pounds, he wouldn't have to fly through the air!

Editor: Speaking of the 1-2-3 Kid, you seem to have taken a real liking to him - brought him under your wing so to speak. Why?

Razor: Brought him under my wing? What am I, a bird, chico? Did they teach you those lines in journalism class or something? The Kid and I had some of the greatest matches in the history of Monday Night Raw! We helped make that show successful! What's not to like about the Kid? Every night he lets it all hang out. He goes for those breathtaking moves every night, knowing that they could end his career, but he knows he needs to utilize those moves in order to win. It's been no fluke that he's been on my Survivor Series team twice, chico, because if I'm looking for a team, the first guy that I think of is the 1-2-3 Kid. I mean, I know he's good...he beat me!

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