Detroit News-7/02
Wrestler Kevin Nash comes home with WWE

It hasn't been the best year for Kevin Nash, a World Wrestling Entertainment superstar and former Detroiter.

The ex-world champion in both the World Wrestling Federation (before its recent name change to WWE) and Ted Turner's World Championship Wrestling has spent more time in the operating room than the wrestling ring lately due to two devastating injuries -- first a torn bicep, then, after three months off and in his first match back last week, a torn left quadricep muscle that's expected to keep him out of action until 2003.

Undeterred, Nash intends to come home to Detroit on Sunday for the WWE's pay-per-view event "Vengeance" at Joe Louis Arena. It is the first wrestling pay-per-view in Detroit in almost three years, and Nash is looking forward to enjoying it with family and friends. "I grew up Downriver in Trenton, and I was born in Harper Hospital," Nash says.

"My stepfather lives here, so does my brother, sister and my aunt. It's great performing in front of them and all my high school buddies who show up. It's always nice to come home."

While the injury will prevent Nash from wrestling, he is still expected to be at the event. As the 6-foot, 11-inch, 325-pound former leader of the New World Order, a stable of popular wrestlers, Nash intends to make a big impact in the future.

"It's a long road back -- I know that. But I am not a quitter. No way am I retiring. That was not my last match," Nash says on his official Web site,

"Anyone who thinks I'm gonna call it quits after this doesn't know me."

Before Nash was hurt, the NWO was expected to play a large role in Sunday's event by confronting fellow wrestler, and former federation champion, Triple H. Now, Nash's old boss from World Championship Wrestling, Eric Bischoff, who debuted on WWE's flagship television show "RAW" last Monday, will confront HHH instead.

Nash's injuries are only part of an overall downturn in the wrestling business. Other stars, such as Kane, Edge and Detroit native Rhyno have all been out of action due to injuries, and one of the organization's top stars, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, recently walked out, reportedly unhappy with the WWE writing staff.

"I think Steve was burned out," Nash says. "He's got a broken neck, bad knees and a bad back. I know what it feels like when I wake up every morning. And he's had a couple multi-million years. Maybe it just isn't worth it to him anymore."

Nash's heart, however, is still very much in the business, which is why he came back to the WWE earlier this year after months away from the wrestling scene. "I want to end my career on a positive note," he says, "and nobody produces television like Vince McMahon," chairman of the WWE.

Nash gets fired up for a pay-per-view like Sunday's "Vengeance," which will be watched live by audiences across the world.

"Anytime it's televised and the red light is on, it's a different entity altogether," he says. "It's like a movie to me."

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