WWE.com interview-10/14/02

Kevin Nash appeared Monday at The World, WWE's restaurant and concert hall in Times Square, to host the weekly RAW party. Just before he went out and entertained the crowd -- and he truly has a gift for entertaining a live audience -- he spoke with WWE.com about his condition, his future and more. Nash revealed that his right leg is actually causing him more discomfort than his left, which he injured in July before undergoing surgery to repair his quadriceps.

WWE.com: How are you feeling?

Nash: Good. I'm fine. My right knee's pretty bad. My right knee was my bad knee going into this. When you've got an injury like mine -- you can't use your left leg at all and you've got a leg that's had nine operations on it that's pulling your body around -- it's kind of rough on the knee that was injured before the injury. I've been working with my therapist at getting my right leg stronger too. Hopefully, in a perfect world, I'll actually be better than when I left.

WWE.com: When were you at the doctor last?

Nash: I was just in Birmingham 10 days ago. I was in rehab for two weeks. I just rehab now. The doctor doesn't have that much to do with it. I rehab in Daytona Beach now. They're trying to re-teach me to walk, because with all the injuries I've had, I've acquired a lot of bad habits. They observed me walking; there are a lot of things that have to change in the way I walk. I'm learning how to take steps all over. I'm trying to unlearn the biomechanics of everything I've learned since I've been injured for so long.

WWE.com: What's the prognosis? I read that you wanted to return by the Royal Rumble in January.

Nash: Yeah, that's my goal. It took Hunter nine months; he's in great shape and he's pushed himself to the limit. Hunter's 10 years younger than I am, with the same injury. If I came back at Royal Rumble, that would mean I cut three months off Hunter's time -- which would be great, but realistically, I don't know. It's a slow process. You have two or three good days, and then you have two days where it blows up like a cantaloupe and you think, "God, I'm never going to get this thing right."

WWE.com: It must be mentally frustrating as well.

Nash: Yeah, it is. It's just real different because you can't go forward when you've got the swelling, and if you do too much, it swells. I talked to Hunter, and he said he even gets swelling now when he does too much.

WWE.com: What do you do when you're not rehabbing?

Nash: I go to the gym every morning to train my body. I'm still able to do my cardio. I take my son to school every morning and pick him up every afternoon. I get up at 7. He has to be at school by 8. By the time I get to the gym, it's 8:30. I train for an hour or an hour and a half there, and then go to therapy. By the time I get out of therapy and have lunch, it's time to pick him back up. And then I have my son until bedtime. I'm usually in bed by 11.

WWE.com: Not as glamorous as some people might think.

Nash: I'm just a dad, doing my job. My job's being a dad.

WWE.com: Why is it that you want to continue to wrestle? You've had a pretty good career ...

Nash: (Sarcastically) Gee, pretty good? Thanks, man!

WWE.com: You've been WWE Champion. Why is it that you want to continue?

Nash: It's what I do. A lot of us guys in my age group broke in when there were 2,000 people in the major arenas. So we've seen the business go up, down, up, down. There are a lot of guys in the business right now that have never been to Anaheim and seen 4,000 people, been to San Jose and seen 3,000 people. They've never seen this before. For a lot of us, we've weathered this storm before. Guys like me who really love the business -- the guys who have been through ups and downs -- would like to see it go back up. Plus, it's still fun for me. When it begins not being fun ... right before I got hurt, it looked like they were going to put Hunter with us. It would have been basically three of my four best friends and myself doing something week in and week out.

WWE.com: Have you talked to Scott Hall? How's he doing?

Nash: I talked to Scott today, as a matter of fact. He's doing good, raising his kids.

WWE.com: There was talk recently about him having some sort of personal problems.

Nash: There weren't any personal problems. His babysitter backed out on him at the last minute, and he wasn't going to leave an 11-year-old and a 9-year-old home alone. Anytime Scott does a no-show, it's always, "The demons have resurfaced." In the last 39 days, Scott's drank one day.

WWE.com: Do you expect to see him back with WWE?

Nash: I would hope. But (not) until he gets the situation straightened out -- a permanent situation to watch his children.

WWE.com: You mentioned that you still love the business. Have you thought about how long you're going to stick around, assuming you come back successfully from this quad tear?

Nash: I'll probably do in some capacity until ... like I said, as long as I enjoy what I'm doing, whether it be just commentating or something. Once you've done something for 12, 13, 14 years of your life, it's what you do.

WWE.com: We talked to Shawn Michaels, who said he wants to have one more match, preferably at WrestleMania with you as his tag team partner. How do you feel about that?

Nash: Well, it'd be an honor. It'd be an honor.

WWE.com: So if you had your dream match for WrestleMania, it'd be you and Shawn teaming up?

Nash: Yeah, against Hunter and somebody else.

WWE.com: How do you think Eric Bischoff's doing?

Nash: I think he's doing very, very well. He's given them a strong character that they can weave a lot of storylines through. I know from a writing standpoint, it's got to be a lot easier to come up with things because they can anchor a lot of the show around him. And he's a good performer. I've always been a fan of his.

WWE.com: Which show is better in your opinion, RAW or SmackDown!?

Nash: I'm a RAW guy. I was here when RAW was conceived. So I'll always be a RAW guy. Plus, half the time I can't get SmackDown! It's preempted. I was so happy that when they did the split that I was on the RAW show.

WWE.com: So when you come back you'd definitely prefer to be on RAW?

Nash: Yeah. Absolutely. (Sarcastically) I was drafted by RAW, damn it! They can't trade me! I was injured! They can't trade me!

WWE.com: Are you going to be at the Pay-Per-View?

Nash: I don't think so. But I am going to be at Mr. Olympia with Hunter.

WWE.com: Just hanging out? Are you going to be doing something?

Nash: (Sarcastically) I'm going to compete. I'm going to compete in the women's -- the Ms. Olympia contest.

WWE.com: I think you've got a pretty good shot.

Nash: Yeah. They've got a new award this year for tallest competitor. So I've got that locked.

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