WWE.com interview-5/01/02
Conducted by Phil Speer

COLOGNE, Germany- Kevin Nash tore his right biceps muscle in late March and was expected to miss four months of action. But Nash is here on the "Insurrextion Tour," and he says he's feeling so good that he expects to be back in the ring much sooner than expected.

"I was booked to be here," Nash told WWE.com. "I'm old-school. If you can get your ass to the building, you should be there."

Nash has been attending WWE events regularly. He was at Backlash and the next day's RAW last week, and he was at RAW in Buffalo this past Monday.

He is no longer wearing any protection on his arm. At Backlash, he was wearing a brace over his entire right arm, which he said was causing him a great deal of discomfort.

"I determined it was time for (the brace) to come off," he said with a smirk.

So the only remnant from his surgery is a barely-noticeable six-inch scar just above his inner elbow on his right arm, and he can already straighten his arm almost completely.

"I'm ahead of schedule," he said. "I don't think it'll be anymore than another month (before I can return)."

On the March 25 episode of RAW, Nash hit Hollywood Hulk Hogan in the back of the head, and he knew immediately that he had hurt himself badly. "It hurt," he said. "It was like a toothache in your biceps."

But the initial diagnosis was not tear. Nash wanted a second opinion. It was extremely painful when he trained; he had lost all the tightness in the muscle.

He would eventually fly to Birmingham, Ala., to see Dr. James Andrews. But before he did that, he wrestled at two non-televised events - against Triple H in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., and in a tag team match against Hogan and Triple H in East Rutherford, N.J.

"I wasn't going to miss the opportunity to wrestle Hunter," Nash said.

The day after RAW in Albany, N.Y., Nash flew to Birmingham. Andrews diagnosed a tear, telling Nash that the tendon was so ruptured that it would have tear off the bone if he didnít have surgery. Andrews operated immediately.

Nash said he's no longer in pain and that he's even gotten back into the weight room, but the injury is frustrating from a mental standpoint.

"I had been on the road two months when it happened," he said. "I was getting my timing down, my wind was good and more importantly, I was enjoying myself -- working with Hunter. I was having fun. Once you've made your money (in this business), you do it for the love of the game."

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