IGN Interview- 5/25/00

Credit: IGN Wrestling

IGN Scoops held an internet chat session with Kevin Nash at Pillman Show 2000.

Interview with WCW's Kevin Nash

From the 3rd Annual Brian Pillman Show - 5/25/00

Q: How is your leg feeling?

Nash: It's OK. Not completely healed, but I'm not being paid to sit around and not wrestle.

Q: What are the chances that we will see the return of Kevin Nash to the WWF someday soon?

Nash: 20 months from now that may be a big possibility. I got my first real push there, you know? If things don't get better around here (WCW) I'd definitely like to retire there.

Q: What was it about the character of 'Diesel' that really got you over with the crowd?

Nash: It was me. 'Diesel' was Nash. I realized that that was what put the character over and just ran with it. It's a good thing, because it's easy to just play me.

Q: What was it about Shawn Michaels in the WWF that caused you two to hit it off so well?

Nash: The biggest thing was that Shawn was as good as you got as a performer. I'd been in the business for years and he was the breakthrough guy. He and Scott took me under their wings and smartened me up to just how things work. Shawn and Scott are always my boys. They helped mold me into who I wanted to be.

Q: When Scott Hall comes back, are you two going to join up as The Outsiders again? If so, will it be for the Millionaires, or your own new faction?

Nash: Scott and I always just want to be us. We do things our own way. What I'd like to do is for us to get back with Hulk and do the original thing one more time. I dig Hulk. Me and him have gotten tight over the years. I'd really like to do the thing with Scott and Hulk.

Q: Do you enjoy playing the heel more or the babyface?

Nash: I think my character does what he feels. I do whatever I want. I don't base my life's worth on how I go over as a professional wrestler, it's my job. Whatever the script calls for me to do, I do. I enjoy it. It's been nice playing it all straight recently. A nice piece of work, I think. But heel or face, I just do what I'm told and have a good time.

Q: Career as a whole, what has been the high point so far?

Nash: Without a doubt beating Backlund in the Garden for the WWF Title. The only problem was that I accomplished that...I was so far from accomplishing that 18 months before when I joined the company. I'm very goal-oriented and I've just had a hard time trying to top that.

Q: Before all is said and done, what do you have left to accomplish in this business?

Nash: At this point it's more just to have fun on the way out. I have 20 months left on my contract and that may be it. I'm happy, but these last few months I just want to have a good time.

Q: Have you been able to visit Shawn and see the baby yet? And has Scott been able to either?

Nash: No, I haven't seen the baby yet. I haven't gotten to see Cameron. But Shawn and I have talked. People always compare other people to Shawn, you know? 'The next Shawn Michaelsí. Nobody can touch him. When you sit on the apron and watch somebody it's different, you know? 98% of the match it looks f***ing fake. With Shawn. I mean, every night man. I learned so much from him. Most guys go from A to B to C. With Shawn it was always an A match. That's why he's sitting at home right now with a messed up back. He's the best I've seen.

Q: If you could do it all over again, what would you do differently?

Nash: That's one of those questions where I always think if I take just one step differently how do I know I won't land on my neck and end up paralyzed permanently. It could end tomorrow. All I want is what I wanted when I started. For the boys in the car to say it was good work. I've gotten more than that so I'm way ahead of the game.

Q: How did you feel when they (the WWF) had the fake Diesel?

Nash: I got a raise so it was good for me . They put on the show that Diesel and Razor was coming back and they (WCW) got worried that Scott and I were going back. They realized how important we were and came to us, and we just said 'no we're cool'. WCW gave us a little bump in salary, so I was cool with that.

Q: What was your last night in the WWF like. That night at MSG?

Nash: One of the most misconstrued nights in wrestling history. Everyone thought it was a huge debacle. It was just four guys...if Sean Waltman (X-Pac) had only been there it would have been five. Sean wasn't on that tour. Then it would have been perfect. It was four guys who had spent almost four and a half years together. It was good-bye for us and a little something for the fans. We weren't trying to 'expose' anything. Vince passed it, but I don't think he knew exactly how it would turn out.

Q: If you only had one more match, a dream match, who would you be staring at across the ring?

Nash: Well, probably number one would be Hunter. He's a very close friend. Nobody wants to see me and Scott, but if I had to go out there with somebody in the company it would be him. But to me I'd love to see a Outsiders vs. Original DX match. Me and Scott against Hunter and Shawn. I'd love that. Double DQ...nobody does the job! (Laughs)

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