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Wolfpac Report- Kevin Nash

Wolfpac 4 Life!

There's a bond between Scott Hall and Kevin Nash that truly surpasses the sport. The Wolfpac isn't just a nickname or some cutesy gimmick to draw fans. They are brothers from different parents with a love for one another that extends well beyond the ring to the real world. What one does, the other does as well. What one says, the other says as well. What one thinks, the other thinks as well. What one feels, the other feels as well.

No duo in professional wrestling is tighter than Hall and Nash.


WCW/nWo Magazine recently spent time seperately with the Outsiders to research for the first Wolfpac Special Report, starting with Kevin Nash's State of The (Wrestling) Union address.

In a matter of minutes, Kevin Nash talked about May-o-naise from the movie Officer and a Gentleman, Baywatch beauty Pamela Anderson and the fabled Cleopatra. And the conversation is wrestling-related.

Hey, this is just normal Nash. The nWo mainstay with a funny bone that clearly runs throughout his 7-foot-1 frame.

Nash's favorite target of late is Diamond Dallas Page who, it seems, has had his ribs taped since DDP was in high school. "The only one wrapped up more than DDP is King Tut," Nash said. "I don't know if Page deems himself a pharoah of some sort, or what. I don't know if he's got some sort of pyramid-power thing going, or what. He does that pyramid thing before he goes into his finish. I guess he's just got some fascination with the Egyptian lifestyle. And yeah, he does even walk like an Egyptian. His wife, Kimberly, could be like Cleopatra, who was noted for her incredible appetite, if you know what I mean.

"While I'm on the subject of DDP, did you see the last issue of WCW Magazine, with Page sucking up to another celebrity, boxing legend Muhammed Ali, on the cover? Man, does he make me sick."

There are several other subjects that irk Nash and, also, naturally, a few that he enjoys. Here's Nash's take on some of the major players, themes in the sport:


"I don't understand how, week after week, the WCW commentators continue to state how the nWo is in disarray. As they make those comments, we just continue to get stronger. We added Dusty Rhodes to the mix, then followed that with Scott Steiner. It looks to me like, each and every day, we're expanding while WCW is getting smaller by the day.

"So why do the WCW broadcasters still continue to say what they do? Probably because they know they can't beat us in the ring, so why not try to create controversy through commentating? But they better watch out because, within the next 18 months, they all are going to be without a job."


"There's just no one out there that can actually give us a run for our money. So, as far as I can tell, the Tag Team Championship belts will stay with us for years. Who are the top contenders? Probably the Villano Brothers, followed by High Voltage. Does Sonny (Onoo) have any guys incoming on a visa?"


"Each time I watch it, it's just that much more enjoyable. Others might cringe, but simply think, 'Back and to the left. Back and to the left.' I just think The Giant panicked. I don't think he thought anyone could manhandle him, yet he got snatched by someone who was stronger than him and, instead of just absorbing the blow, tried to do a defensive maneuver by getting his arms behind him and, well, the laws of physics are simple: what goes up must come down, and The Giant went boom."


"There obviously is some animosity between him and I from our past relationship in another organization. I know that he's always had it out for me. He's always been an administrator; I've always been a locker-room lawyer. There are no secrets there. I make his life miserable; I've always made his life miserable; I'll continue to make his life miserable. I know he wakes up in the middle of the night screaming my name."


Chae, truly a "first-round draft choice," he said.

WCW vs. nWo

"It's funny, you can talk about the nWo guys forever because it's such an incredible, star-studded roster. Then you go to the WCW side of things and you can talk about one or two guys. After that, it's useless."


"Oh, yeah, that's something that has been banned in 37 states, and is pending in 13 others. It's a phenomenon, though."


"At this point in his career, he's an enigma; he's made an impact, there's no doubt about that. He's got size and incredible strength, it appears. I haven't been in the ring with him, so I can't give you a completely fair analysis. It looks like he's got some Sombo or (other form of) submission, competitive-fighting background. Plus, he played in the NFL, and I don't know too many guys who played in the NFL for a few years who weren't physically and mentally tough. But, he hasn't really gone against any topnotch caliber of athletes in The nWo, or even WCW. So, I guess ya gotta say the jury is still out on him- until he goes against myself, Scott Hall, Scott Norton, or someone like that."


"They just need to get the flock outta dodge.

"They aren't anything but the poor man's nWo. They seem to emulate our gang tactics, but the emulation stops there. I think Raven's a talent; Saturn's a talent; the rest of them are just kind of those guys you send into battle first and if they survive, fine; if not, fine too. The Flock only exists because we let them at this time. Any time we want to squash them, we could, and I think they know that. That's why they haven't interfered in anything we've done. And they're not going to.

"I'd say they're not as dumb as they look, but that's still up in the air."


"I like Mike Tenay. I think he's knowledgeable. He has a lot of insight into the sport. He knows backgrounds and history. To me, when I'm watching the broadcast as a spectator at home, he's a real insightful commentator.

"However, I think he needs to wear Hawaiian shirts, but that's just my opinion."


"I think Bobby Heenan is kind of out of his element. He's at his best when he's riding the fence, but they've kind of pushed him into being a pro-WCW backer. But Bobby Heenan is a bad-guy type. Always has been a bad-guy commentator, always will be a bad-guy commentator. And when you put Bobby Heenan in that situation, I think Bobby Heenan is the best in the business. But, until they let him do that...

"I think Bobby Heenan would be great with us, but that's down the line."


"I thought Eric was a hell of an announcer. He'd be there, along with Rick Rude and Pam Anderson. I'd work the hand-held (microphone).:


"As a professional wrestler, I don't think having too much work, too much exposure is something you don't ever want. With the (ratings) numbers that it does, it's good. Plus, it's good in that it gives the platform for guys who don't normally get to showcase their ability on Nitro."


"It's a phenomenon. It's probably the hottest thing that's hit professional wrestling as long as I can recall. I think, when it was originally conceived, people thought it was something that would have about a 12-month run. But now, each and every day, the legs grow stronger and stronger. There are so many ways for us to continue to develop."


"Is he a wrestler?"


"Bret Hart came in here and stuck his nose in our business, so we're just looking for the perfect time and place to give him the proverbial 'beating of his life.'

"He left one situation where he had a lot of animosity, and has just walked into another. I think Bret Hart is in for a very long beating."


"Man, this guy's wrestled, what, two days in five years, yet continually gets World Heavyweight title shots, whereas I've been working my butt off, yet haven't gotten a single World Heavyweight title shot. I don't get it; I just don't get it. They say he's been loyal; he didn't go to another company. That's only because he didn't have anywhere to go, no one wanted him. He's kind of like May-o-naise on Officer and a Gentleman."


"Isn't he dead? Is he really still alive?

"Piper is another guy who I don't understand. He goes off, does his own thing, then just comes back and deems himself worthy enough to throw down the hammer of what he feels. Hey, who is on this WCW Executive Committee anyway? Is there really a Committee? Or is it just another one of their brain-trusts who...

"As far as I'm concerned, there's no place for Piper in this sport. Perhaps we can get him a job in one of the merchandise booths at the house shows.

"For me, there's no challenge to Roddy Piper. The only challenge is to make him look like he's got a chance. The fact of the matter is, I don't know if there's a real challenger now competing in the sport. I haven't found one. I've been here for two years and haven't really found a challenger. I know a lot of people deem The Giant as the future of the sport, bu, if that's the case, the future is quite cloudy right now. If he's healthy and his mind is right, I think he's The Franchise of the business, but that's a big question mark."

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