WCW Magazine-11/98
Big, Sexy, & Opinionated

Big, Sexy & Opinionated (November 1998 WCW Magazine)

It's rare that a fan's letter to WCW/nWo Magazine results in an immediate story, mostly because of our deadlines and space constraints. But when we received Kenny Silverman's letter, postmarked suburban Cleveland, we thought it was unique enough for instant air-time, so to speak. Kenny simply wanted to know a wrestler's true opinion- Kevin Nash's, in this instance- about other wrestlers. And instead of writing elaborate questions, Kenny just wrote the names of others he wanted Kevin's opinions about. So here goes, one-on-one with Detroit's pride and joy: "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash, leader of nWo Wolfpac.

Scott Hall
"He's a mess; there's no doubt about it. A total mess. If he was completely rational and sane, I think I'd take it a lot harder. But, knowing what state his mind is in, I can somewhat understand his recent actions. He's doing some crazy things. When he gets his head together, I think he'll see the light. Then we'll end up back together because we're too good together not to be together. We're like Abbott and Costello.
"I miss him. I miss my buddy.
"When Scott was going through some rough times, I was one of the few people who was there for him. Sure, I wasn't checked in with him, but I wasn't allowed to be. We've always taken care of one another. When I was down with my knee injury, he picked up the slack. And it's gone the opposite way as well. I think he's just lashing out at me these days because, well, you always hurt the ones you love."

Sting & Leg Luger
"I've always been close with Lex and Sting, especially Lex. Even when we were in a different organization. We have been good friends for some time. The three of us, we're pretty good buds."

"I think we grew up kind of the same; we've had the same #$&% go down in our lives. He's kind of a street guy, and so am I. Plus, let me tell you a little story, I once asked him, "Who's the hottest babe of all-time?" Well, we both said Raquel Welch in her prime. What are the odds of that? Right then I knew we were twin brothers from separate mothers."

"He's always been an impact player. His physique looks good. He's always had that X-factor."

Diamond Dallas Page
"The haaaardest-working-man in show business," Nash said with emotion; "He's ever-improving. He had a late start, but his love for the business really shines through. He's a good friend, a real good human being."

"Rowdy" Roddy Piper
"He's Roddy Piper... what more do I have to say? He is, by far, the finest acting wrestler of all-time. Of all the (wrestlers) who have done anything in the acting profession, I actually think Roddy is a pretty good little actor."

"Macho Man" Randy Savage
"He's a legend. Intensity personified. Great work ethic. Another friend. Gave me a lot of good insight on the wrestling business early on, when I was young, just starting out. Randy is a guy who never takes himself out of the game. I look forward to his return from that knee injury."

"If the kid works hard and wants it, he probably could be as good as anyone who's even been in the business. He's an incredible athlete for his size. He speaks well; he's pretty articulate. His physical size is incredible. He just needs time to mature physically- the bigger you are, the longer it takes muscle to mature. If he continues to work, continues to improve, I think he's gonna be the man for the next millenium."

"A phenomenon. I've never seen anyone pulled to the top by the fans faster than him. He's got a great look. He's believable. People believe him and believe in him- and it's easy to. In the locker room, he's probably the nicest guy you'll ever meet. He's just a great guy.
"As an ex-World Champion, I'd love a shot at him. Being the World Champ, that's what it's all about- the belt. I want the belt. I'd like another run with it. Especially now while the wrestling business is hot."

J.J. Dillon
"I think he's underrated. He's got a real good mind for the business; he's seen it all. He's a great administrator, very organized. He's a good stick-man... you just have to watch out for the loafers (shoes)."

Rey Mysterio, Jr.
"One of the most athletic, charismatic wrestlers of all time. I've never seen him have a bad match. Against anyone. To me, he's one of the five best physical workers in the business. He's improved dramatically."
(We had to ask Nash about the others in his Top Five, and the 7-foot-1 monster replied: Eddy Guerrero, Dean Malenko, Brad Armstrong, and Psychosis. Nash's honorable mention division includes Bret Hart, Juventud Guerrera, Booker T., and Chris Benoit, not necessarily in that order.)

The Steiner Brothers
"They were the first wrestlers I met before I actually was in wrestling. They are like brothers to me. Our families are real close. I'm the Godfather to Rick's first son. The new-look Scotty Steiner is phenomenal. I know he's had some personal problems, some health-related problems, but I hope he gets back in the ring on a full-time basis soon because we miss his presence. I don't think there's a better physique in the business right now. In fact, I don't think there's been a better physique at any time. He very well may have the best physique in wrestling history."

Bret Hart
"The people haven't seen the best of Bret. He's a helluva worker. He comes up with real innovative twists. He has great psychology in the ring and the ability to work any style."

"Kind of came into his own over the past three or four years. I enjoy his matches."

"Up-and-coming. He's reckless, has a real rugged style. He's believable."

"Buff" Bagwell
"Before the (neck) injury, he was making strides that were unbelievable. He was really coming into his own; he had kind of found his niche, which is the first step to becoming a superstar. He's got a good look, great charisma. I hope he comes back 100 percent. Marc is another guy I've know for, what, 10 years. He was too young to be in bars when we first met, but somehow got in. And, hmm, I was the bouncer in those Atlanta bars at the time. Marcus has always had a good sense of humor; he's always been a good guy."

Chris Jericho
"We've seen great improvement in him over the past year or so. He's real comfortable behind the stick. He's been proving of late that he's not just a Cruiserweight. getting in there with the bigger guys will help push him to the next level."

The Dancing Dudes: Alex Wright and Disco Inferno
"Alex is young and athletic. He had a pretty serious injury (late last year), where he got rocked pretty good. Disco, I think, just needs to be able to turn it up a little bit when he gets on the offense. I think he's got a ton of charisma. For a guy who seems to lose as much as he does, he still remains pretty (popular) with the fans."

Booker T.
"Kind of in that same boat as Jericho and Bagwell- he found his niche as a singles wrestler. I always knew he would excel in singles action because he probably is one of the best athletes in the business."

Steve "Mongo" McMichael
"He's paid his dues. I think he's earned the respect of the guys. A lot of two-sport athletes come in and expect to just be pushed to the top, but he's made some really good strides. People like him, and you can't teach people to like you. They either like you or they don't- and they like Steve McMichael."

"Hollywood" Hogan
"He's the reason I got in the business. He was, and still is, the most recognizable person in professional wrestling. He's beat up, has a lot of miles on him, but he's still got what it takes. He has an incredible amoutn of charisma. I wish he'd get his knee fixed, so we could get some more time out of him. I haven't had my shot at him, but I'll get it."

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