Prodigy Chat-6/05/97

PRODIGY: Kevin, at the first Prodigy CHAT Before Wrestlemania 11, You Said that and I quote "I would get a sex change before I went to WCW" So Kevin, when is the surgery scheduled for?

KEVIN NASH: With the money they pay me, I can definitely afford to have it done.

PRODIGY: Shawn Michaels has been reported to threaten VKM that he will leave for WCW if he does not get a raise, do you think WCW will take and would you like to see Shawn Michaels back in the same federation you work in?

KEVIN NASH: Absolutely WCW would take him if he was free and clear. We would love to have him. As far as I'm concerned, sure. Then all we'd need is Hunter and we'd have the whole Clique in Atlanta.

PRODIGY: Kevin, what is the status of your relationship with Vince McMahon, I heard that you still are on friendly terms, is this true?

KEVIN NASH: I haven't talked to him in a while. We chat every couple of months.

PRODIGY: Is Ted DiBiase leaving, and how do you feel about Ted DiBiase leaving if he is?

KEVIN NASH: Not that I know of. I think Ted has a two year contract.

PRODIGY: Have you been speaking to HBK about him posibly jumping ship to WCW? If so what has he said?

KEVIN NASH: Shawn and I talk once a week. I don't feel Shawn is real happy right now in the WWF, but WCW can't talk to him until he is clear from his contract. I don't think Vince will ever let him out. He has about 4 years left. If we're back together it probably won't be for a couple of years.

PRODIGY: Have you ever seen ECW and what do you think about their style of wrestling, the fans of ECW, and Paul Heyman?

KEVIN NASH: I knew Paul when he was in WCW. I think he has a good mind. As far as style, it's entertaining. I think that BWO stuff is pretty funny. Some of it is nonsense. If I was going to hit someone with a frying pan and it didn't hurt them, I doubt I'd hit them with a fist next. As far as entertainment, it's fun to watch.

PRODGIY: What are the odds of a classic Nash/Rey Jr Match?

KEVIN NASH: I'd love to do one. I think we could tear the house down. Originally me and Scott wanted to wrestle Psychosis, Juventud, and Rey in a handicap tag match. It was vetoed because it didn't have enough appeal.

PRODIGY: Kevin, Towards the end of your First WCW Stint were you bitter because of the "Oz" and "Vinnie Vegas" Gimmicks you got and lack of a push?

KEVIN NASH: I don't think I was bitter. What happened was if somebody walks in the door that can maybe take your position, the last thing you do is push that person. They kept me on the back burner and tried to appease me. It just fueled my drive when I went to New York.

PRODIGY: What was it that made you decide to jump to WCW from the WWF?

KEVIN NASH: It was just the amount of money, and the reduced schedule. The difference between working 300 days a year and 150. My wife was pregant, and I didn't want to be like the other guys and find out on the way to the next town that my son took his first steps. I wanted to be there to watch him grow up.

PRODGIY: When did you start you wrestling career?

KEVIN NASH: I broke in in 89 at Clash of Champions. Either 89 or 90. It was September 14, 1990...this September will be 7 years.

PRODIGY: How does it feel to be the most entertaining member of the New World Order...Yet Hogan Still has the World Title...And you are booked to job while being punked by 50 year old men and football players on PPV?

KEVIN NASH: We booked it. We booked the match. I don't think too many people thought that would be the finish...that they would beat all three of us. It was entertaining...and we get paid to entertain. I don't get paid more to win or lose.

PRODIGY: What is the worst injury you ever got?

KEVIN NASH: I tore my tricep two years ago in May.

PRODIGY: I'm sure you're getting a lot of tough questions right I'll give you a little easier question. What is your favorite kind of donut?

KEVIN NASH: Chocolate honey dipped...from Dunkin Donuts.

PRODIGY: Has Syxx truely gotten over Scott Hall putting a diaper on him?

KEVIN NASH: You mean last week?

PRODIGY: Do you plan to go back to singles action soon?

KEVIN NASH: Yeah. I think Scott and I will do some singles stuff in the next couple of months. We might do a Freebird thing where when he's there, I'm there. PRODIGY: Would you ever consider posing in a Playgirl magazine like your best bud Shawn Michaels did.? I think you should because your real Sexy!

KEVIN NASH: They'd have to add another page. I think the foldout is only three...and they'd need four for me. I wouldn't want to upset Bret anyway.

PRODIGY: How long is you WCW contract?

KEVIN NASH: I've got 35 months left.

PRODIGY: What do you think about the biggest NWO wanna-bes in the world, ECW's Blue World Order?

KEVIN NASH: Imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

PRODIGY: How much time are you going to let go by before you kick Hogans old wrinkled butt?

KEVIN NASH: Probably at least 18 months...maybe next Monday. I don't just depends. I guess the answer is whenever I feel like it.

PRODIGY: Was your opinion of Hulk Hogan before coming to WCW changed after getting to know the guy? We often hear negative stuff about Hulk, but I'd imagine he's probably a cool guy

KEVIN NASH: I tried not to have any preconceived ideas about what he was about, but you've got to look at how many people have tried to stab him in the back. He can't go anywhere without being noticed. I've never seen him be rude to a fan or turn down an autograph. To me he's the world's richest beach bum. He's been riding this wave for a long time. He seems like a pretty nice guy. I don't have any problems with him on a personal level.

PRODIGY: What was your toughest match ever?

KEVIN NASH: Trying to have a match with Sid was difficult. Trying to have a match with Bundy and Backlund was more difficult.

PRODIGY: What do you consider your best match or greatest moment ever?

KEVIN NASH: Best match....I've had three. One was a house show against Scott in Los Angeles, Bret in Survivor Series, and Shawn in Omaha. I guess the greatest moment would have to be winning the title in the Garden.

PRODIGY: First off Mr. Nash I would like to thank you for being here with us on Prodigy. Now onto my question: With rumors flying around the Internet and on hotlines have you given your 90 day notice of leave to Mr. Bischoff?

KEVIN NASH: No. There is no truth to that rumor. Plus, I only have to give 30 days notice.

PRODIGY: Mr. Nash, what do you think of some of the minor stars of the nWo like Buff Bagwell, Scott Norton, nWo's Sting?

KEVIN NASH: I think Bagwell has really come around. Norton is a real good addition. He's over in Japan. He's just a big strong guy and is a good addition. I think we need to do more to give depth to the characters, but that will all happen in time.

PRODIGY: Is there a legitimate chance Shawn Michaels can be in the NWO soon, or is his contract locked?

KEVIN NASH: I think if Shawn was to come in, he'd come in as WCW first and fight us all. WCW needs somebody.

PRODIGY: How did New Japan treat you when you visited Osaka? I've heard that it's a 1st class organization, I just wanted to get a good perspective on how they treat the foreigners over there.

KEVIN NASH: They treat us very well. Hotel accomodations aren't what you find in the states, but I was treated very very well. I don't think I spent more than $10 while I was there and ate like a king.

PRODIGY: Who is going to win, Bulls or Jazz and in how many?

KEVIN NASH: Bulls in 5

PRODIGY: Do you get along with Sting 'behind the scenes?'

KEVIN NASH: Yeah. I've always liked Steve

PRODIGY: Mr. Nash, do you know of any new talents that will be joining the nWo?

KEVIN NASH: There are some guys we are looking at, but I don't want to ruin the surprise. There are some impact players out there.

PRODIGY: How can you let that no-talent chump Hogan and his geriatric pal Randy continually try to steal the spotlight from more talented (and interesting) wrestlers like yourself? Does Liz have a positive IQ?

KEVIN NASH: All good things come to those that wait. I think Liz' IQ is actually 69.

KEVIN NASH: That's all the time I have for tonight....Later

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