Timesleader.com interview (1/05)
Triple H shows many talents other than wrestling
by Michael Danilowicz

At the "In Your House" pay-per-view in October on 1996, commentator Jim Ross predicted that the two young men wrestling in the opening match would both be future world champions. At that time it was a very bold statement; these two men were Stone Cold Steve Austin and Hunter Hearst Helmsley.

Needless to say Ross was correct in his prediction, as both wrestlers became two of the most successful superstars of all time.

Although Helmsley has been wrestling for over 10 years, that doesn't mean his best days are behind him. In 2004 he held the WWE World Title, starred in the movie "Blade: Trinity" opposite Wesley Snipes and wrote a book "Making The Game: Triple H's Approach to a Better Body."

When he started wrestling, Triple-H's character was a sophisticated snob. The gimmick worked well for Helmsley but others at the time were less than impressive; there was a plumber named T.L. Hopper and the long forgotten Friar Ferguson.

"Ability can not be denied," Triple-H said.

"If you have the personality, charisma and ability you can make an impact, no matter the name or the gimmick."

On January 5, Triple-H and the WWE Raw superstars return to the Wachovia Arena. Helmsley will be taking on Randy Orton, who is also one of his opponents in the Elimination

Chamber at the next pay-per-view "New Year's Revolution."

In the previous two Elimination Chambers, Triple-H didn't fare well, health-wise. In the first Elimination Chamber Rob Van Dam landed on Helmsley's throat and sent him to the hospital. In the second event the well-muscled Triple H entered the match injured, he said, with a torn groin.

While he has had his share of injuries, Triple-H has been better known for his tremendous conditioning and physique. Instead of writing an autobiography as his first book, the superstar decided to write a fitness book instead.

"My book is for anyone that wants to get in shape," he said.

"I think everyone should work out in one way, shape or form. Working out is probably the biggest thing you can do to keep yourself healthy."

So how does his fitness plan compare to former superstar Buddy Rose's Blow Away Diet?

"Buddy Rose's Blow Away Diet was simply a fat loss program," Helmsley said after laughing (the diet was nothing more than soap powder and a fan).

Triple-H said that this year he made two resolutions and both summarize his drive that makes him one of Raw's top superstars.

"I want the world title back," he said confidently.

"And to keep doing what I do best."

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