WWE.com interview (1/09/05)
Ten Times the Game
By Anthony Cali

SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO Ė Triple H made history again Sunday night by outlasting five other Superstars in a brutal Elimination Chamber match, en route to capturing his tenth World Heavyweight Championship.

Immediately following his monumental victory, Triple H spoke with WWE.com to tell the world his thoughts on becoming a ten-time champion, and address the rumors of his relationship with fellow Evolution member, Batista.

WWE.com: Congratulations on your tenth World Championship. How much more difficult was this win over your first nine title wins?

Triple H: Any time youíre fighting for the World Title, everybody puts it all on the line. All ten have been tough, but when you factor the Elimination Chamber into this one and the caliber of guys I had to face Ė Jericho, Orton, Benoit, Batista, and Edge Ė thatís five of the top names in this business, and the most hellacious match Iíve ever been in. After the first one, I spent 30 hours in a hospital, and the second one, I barely walked away from. Itís a hell of a match, so if I had to pick a toughest title win, this would be it. This was probably the toughest.

WWE.com: Would you say that winning back the vacant World Heavyweight Championship over five top contenders proves that youíre the best on Raw?

Triple H: To me it means I never lost the World Heavyweight Title. It means this whole thing was a bunch of crap. It means that somebody saw an opportunity to try and take away from me what nobody else earned. Iíve been on top here a long time and somebody always wants to say that I donít deserve it, but tonight I showed the world that I deserve it more than anybody. I outlasted five of the best in this business to become the World Champion, and regain a championship that I never lost. Here I am at the top of the heap again, and it just proves once and for all, in my opinion, and I think the worldís opinion, that Iím not only the best on Raw, Iím the best in the world.

WWE.com: Was there ever any doubt in your mind that Batista was firmly on your side?

Triple H: There was never any doubt. This is Evolution. Evolution is all for one, and one for all. Batista was on my side every step of the way, and he helped guide my way to my tenth World Heavyweight Title.

WWE.com: Considering your storied past with Orton, was getting the final pinfall on him extra fulfilling for you?

Triple H: I think I proved tonight once and for all, that Randy Orton was a tag along, just like Batista said, just like I said, and just like Ric Flair said. Evolution really came into its own when Randy Orton left. Once we had no one holding us back, we became the greatest force in the business.

WWE.com: How will this title reign be different from the previous nine?

Triple H: This oneís going to be different because Iím not going to lose it until I decide itís time to lose it Ė until I decide itís time for me to walk away from the business. Then, and only then, will I walk away from this World Heavyweight Championship. Nobody is gonna beat me, and with Batista leading the way, Flair by my side, and with the Game running the show, ainít no one gonna touch me.

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