WWE.com interview (1/06/05)
Triple H Speaks Out About Elimination Chamber

WWE.com: Does having been in two Elimination Chamber Matches give you an advantage going into this match?

Triple H: I donít think it gives you an advantage. You know what to expect, but you also know that what you have to look forward to. You look forward to the possibility of spending 36 hours in a hospital, like I did after the first Elimination Chamber match. You know you have to look forward to being thrown against unforgiving steel, going through a Plexiglas wall. Thereís not a whole lot to look forward to. Thereís not a whole lot to prepare for.

WWE.com: What do you think that you bring to the match that sets you apart from the five other Superstars?

Triple H: Iím going to bring The Game. Nobody can touch that. Thereís only one Game in this business, and heís going to walk out the World Heavyweight Champion.

WWE.com: How does Shawn Michaels being named the special guest referee affect this match? Is it positive or negative?

Triple H: I donít think itís right. I donít think that putting a guy who probably hates me more than anybody else in this world in the ring to decide my fate and the fate of the World Heavyweight Championship is the right thing to do.

WWE.com: Whoís the one guy youíd like to see eliminated first, so that you wonít have to worry about him later on in the match?

Triple H: It doesnít matter to me. One way or the other, Iím going to beat everybody in there.

WWE.com: Finally, what are or arenít you to do in order to guarantee that you walk out of New Yearís Revolution the new World Heavyweight Champion?

Triple H: Iím going to do what I have to do to become the World Heavyweight Champion. It is my life, and I will live and die for that moment. The title was stolen from me. I never lost the title. I never got pinned, I never tapped out. I just was no longer the champion. Itís wrong. Iím going to right that wrong on Sunday.

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