WWE.com interview (12/06/04)
Blade Trinity – a whole new Game
By Anthony Cali

CHARLOTTE, NC – Monday Night didn’t turn out to be a very good night for Triple H.

Aside from learning that his World Heavyweight Championship has been vacated, with its future lying in the hands of a returning Eric Bischoff, “The Game” also had some problems with his fellow Evolution member, Batista, who has been showing signs of aggravation of late. But while Monday night didn’t go as Triple H had planned, there are many things of late that have been going his way.

The nine-time World Champion recently released his first book, Making the Game, he’s on the cover of the Holiday Raw Magazine, and he’s got a major role in the feature film Blade Trinity, starring Wesley Snipes, which hits theatres everywhere on Wednesday (December 8th).

Prior to learning of his title situation, a yet to be aggravated Triple H sat down with WWE.com to discuss his role in the upcoming action/ adventure movie.

"The whole experience was great,” the Evolution leader said. “To work with people like Snipes, Ryan Reynolds, Jessica Biel, David S. Goyer (Blade: Trinity’s writer/director), was phenomenal. If you had to pick a first experience in Hollywood, you couldn’t pick a better way to do it, because they were all great. Everyone was really helpful, we had a lot of fun on the set, and Goyer was just awesome to work for.”

In the third-installment of the comic-based production, Triple H plays an evil vampire assassin named Grimwood, who goes toe-to-toe with the vampire hunter, Blade (played by Snipes). And while fans may think “The Game” has some maniacal tendencies, nothing compares to how evil his blood-sucking alter-ego can be.

"You know it’s funny, it’s playing a character, but the same intensity is still there,” the Greenwich, CT resident said while sitting back in a black leather couch located inside the Evolution locker room. “That’s really what I brought to the table, so I think that if you have that, then you’re good to go.”

Last week, Triple H went to the film’s premiere in Toronto, and this week, he will be traveling to Los Angeles to attend another premiere. And when you factor in book signings across the US, as well as his already hectic WWE schedule, the “Cerebral Assassin” has been kept pretty busy.

"Going to the premiere in Toronto was pretty cool,” Triple H admitted. “I was actually just keeping my fingers crossed that the movie was good when I watched it. But it was a pretty cool experience overall, and so far the reviews of the movie have been good, and the reviews of my part have been good, so who knows, there might be more.”

Now that he’s had his first taste of action movies, some fans have begun to wonder if Triple H, like fellow Raw Superstar, The Rock, may be considering a fill-time jump into the silver screen. Ironically, at the Mr. Olympia contest in late October, Triple H even served as a guest host with legendary action movie stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone, but despite all of the accusations, the 9-1/2 year WWE veteran claims that he isn’t going anywhere.

"Again, as I’ve said in the past,” he continued, “I’m not looking to leave this business at all, and wrestling is still my top priority. My resume is always going to say WWE Superstar at the top – it’s not going to say Hollywood actor, or anything else. Sure, all the other things are great, and it’s a natural extension to use these big-time movies to elevate the status of wrestling – which is what I intend to do – but no, I don’t intend to leave wrestling any time soon. ‘The Game’ is here to stay.”

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