Metal Edge Magazine interview (5/02)
"The Game" Triple H and Motorhead Flex Their Heavy Metal Muscles
Conducted by Paul Gargano
Credit: Triple H Unleashed

For a Professional wrestler, entrance music is everything. The right song captures the combatant at their best, the spirit of their character and the essence of their attack melded musically as they enter the ring. The right song becomes synonomous with their style, from the historic Road Warriors and their use of Black Sabbath's "Iron Man", to Hulk Hogan's "Real American" in the heat of the Russian Cold War. In the ranks of today's grapplers, the shattering of glass ignites the crowd in frenzied anticipation of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's instrumental entrance, a blaring alarm lights a Rage Against the Machine-inspired path for "Y2J" Chris Jericho, The Undertaker rides a motorcycle down the ramp to Limp Bizkit's "Rollin", and Rob Zombie's "Never Gonna Stop" was recently adopted by Edge. As thrilling as they all are, they pale in comparison to the entrance music of one of the World Wrestling Federation's biggest stars, Triple H. He's called The Game, and his music of the same name was slammed to life by metal legends Motorhead.

"I sing about pain and death and unrequited love," says Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister of his quarter-century-plus of lyrics, and while the imagery may seem a bit extreme for one of the WWF's marquee names, the itensity of The Game's personality couldn't have a more fitting match. Recently returning to the ring after an injury that saw him sidelined for six months (I know it was 8, but the article says 6), Triple H has re-emerged as one of the most imposing physical presences in the ring, and one of the sport's most dominating characters. He's a hands-down favorite to win the World Wrestling Federation championship at this month's Wrestlemania Pay-Per-View event, and Motorhead's "The Game" will be the hell-raising soundtrack.

A year since Triple H unveiled his new theme music, the superstar joined Motorhead - Lemmy, guitarist Phil Cambell and drummer Mikkey Dee - in the studio to lay down vocals for new release Hammered, expected in stores April 9. With the unprecedented success of "The Game" - which helped muscle WWF: The Music, Vol. 5 to a gold sales in America - Triple H hopes to help Motorhead attain a level of commercial success long overdue in America. Lemmy just hopes the curse of Motorhead doesn't take it's toll on The Game. Only moments after the two layed down some of the most sinister soundbytes of the band's history, Metal Edge sat down for an inside look at the partnership that is turning The World Wrestling Federation on end...

I am the blackened nightmare, I bring a light so bright to illuminate the path to take, I show the way all hearts break, and I will see the old world's back be broken, as we descend into the awful, howling night!

Lemmy Kilmister: Fun for the whole family, isn't it? There's sort of a post-nuclear ambience! That's a spoken word-performance art piece that opens the album, and Triple H speaks it with me...

Metal Edge: How did the whole connection with Triple H happen?

LK: Apparently the WWF already had the song, and they were looking for someone to record it. Triple H was a fan of ours, and he said that we were the guys that he wanted...After we recorded his song, they flew us down to the Houston Astrodome to play it at Wrestlemania [last year], and that was a crowd of like 68,000. The funny thing is, after after we played his intro he got beat! Motorhead luck again! We were the first metal band to go on The Tonight Show, and we were probably the only band who's sales ever went down after being on it!

ME: Did you have an idea of what was going to be happening when you came to the studio today?

LK: He had no fucking idea!

Triple H: I didn't have a fucking clue! [laughing] No, I had a general idea - we had talked about it a little bit before hand and I knew he had written a really cool vocal piece that he wanted me to do with him...I was just thrilled to do anything, I just wanted an excuse to come into the studio and see him record some shit!

ME: So you didn't think you'd be singing?

Triple H: I hoped to hell not! Not if they wanted to sell!

LM: Who knows, you could be a great singer! I can't fucking sing, I learned to sing fucking doing it!

Triple H: I sing in the car, that's about it. I've been singing Motorhead songs for years...

LK: In the shower...

Triple H: No, mostly in the car - I try not to think about Lemmy when I'm in the shower!

LK: That would be counter-productive!

Triple H: Yeah, when I'm naked, you're not on my mind!

LK: I'm really glad about that! [laughing]. Believe me, I don't think I could fight you off...

ME: I don't know, I think you might find it in you! I think I'd have a lot of fight in me, considering the option!

Triple H: You might find what in you? [laughing]

ME: You recently returned from an injury, and it seems The Game is even bigger now...

Triple H: The song they did for me was so cool, and their image and mine are such a great mix, that as I came back we knew we were going to keep them in the mix. That makes it more exciting for me, more exciting for the fans, and more exciting for them, because they've got their new album coming out in the spring. Lemmy might do a few run-ins, box a few people with a bass guitar...You never know when you'll see Motorhead. I think Motorhead's sound is so cool, it's so bad-ass, and it's so our image, that it's great to have them working with us.

LK: Because we're the only band that makes you feel like you're wrestling when you listen to us!

ME: Was it a struggle to get the WWF to let you work with Motorhead?

Triple H: No, because I kept telling them the sound I wanted for the song, and the kind of sound that I wanted was pretty much describing Motorhead. One of our show's producers said to me, "So, what you're trying to tell me is, you want something that pretty much sounds like Motorhead?" "Yeah, exactly like Motorhead!" Then he said, "Why don't we just have Motorhead do it?" I didn't even know that was an option, so he made some phone calls, and a week later he told me that they were on board. I was just thrilled to death because I've been listening to them for years and they're one of my favorite bands. So to be able to have them do the music for me, and just to be around them, was great. One of the biggest thrills of my career was to be standing in the Houston Astrodome and have them playing a song that was just for me in front of 68,000 people. It couldn't have been any cooler for me...

LK: It could have been louder, though!

ME: If you look at the bands that have been involved with wrestling so far, it's a much younger demographic that they're targeting - Saliva, Disturbed, Limp Bizkit...

LK: What do you mean, there aren't any young kids at our shows? It's wholesome, family entertainment!

Triple H: It's such a carnival-like atmosphere at Motorhead shows!

ME: That's right, I remember the teddy bear booths at the last Motorhead show I went to!

Triple H: Yeah, teddy bears with razor blades and shit! [laughing]

LK: Motorhead teddy bears - I never thought of that! With little razors and fish hooks!

Triple H: You mention those bands, and it is a different demographic, but name one of them that wasn't growing up listening to Motorhead and influenced by them - Why should I get the imitators when I can get the original? I've got the man...

ME: I want to see a battle royal of all the bands...

Triple H: Lemmy will whip Rob Zombie's ass! [laughing]

LK: Can I borrow your hammer? [laughing]

Triple H: That's the deal to me - I think there are a lot of kids out there that are going to listen to Motorhead for the first time and realize that it's bad-ass shit.

ME: Chris Jericho has his Fozzy band, The Rock has been known to sing a song or two, are you next? Is this just the beginning?

Triple H: Shit no! I just talked on that thing! If he asked me to sing something, I might only if I thought they could digitally fix it so it sounds semi-normal...

LK: You'd have no problems with Pro-Tools!

Triple H: No, I have no musical career aspirations, but then again, I don't think that The Rock should, either! Actually, Jericho's not bad, he's actually got a decent voice...

LK: You always hate your own voice, though - The first time you hear just your voice singing, it's fucking horrifying! There are very few things that are worse than that for humiliation!

Triple H: But once you make a few nickels off it, you realize you're pretty good!

ME: What was your impression of what you had to record today?

Triple H: Literally, the first time I heard it I had chills it was so bad-ass. Then I got chills again when I actually did it with him.

ME: Chris Jericho is like family here at Metal Edge - Now that you're back, do we have to worry about you trying to take his championship belts away from him?

Triple H: I'll grab one of 'em...I'll probably take all of 'em! I beat his ass all the time! [laughing]

ME: Well, since you brought it up...What happened to your leg when you got hurt?

Triple H: Well...I was in a match with Jericho, that bastard, and when I went to hit him, I planted my left leg and heard a loud pop and felt a burn, and completely detached a muscle in my left thigh. We kept wrestling, we went another six or seven minutes, then I went straight to the hospital...

ME: Were you able to stand up again when it happened?

Triple H: I stood up, then Jericho put me in [his finishing move] The Walls of Jericho. I knew I had torn my quad and was fucked, but I was the one who told him to put it on me, because that's what was next. So he did it, I gutted through it, and then I got helped out of the ring, because at that point I couldn't put any weight on it. I had an MRI done that night, the next day I went to Birmingham, AL, and the day after that I had my surgery done by Dr. Jim Andrews. I've been there for more than six months since then doing rehab.

ME: Was he able to put the move on you without applying the normal amount of pessure?

Triple H: No - Believe me, it was brutal! It literally lasted about 20 seconds, but it felt like it lasted about an hour. It probably made it worse, but at that point I figured I was fucked anyway, so it couldn't get much worse!

LK: It could have been both legs!

Triple H: Yeah, that's true! So I've been rehabbing for six months, and it actually worked out really cool timing-wise with Motorhead.

LK: I bet you weren't thinking that in the hospital!

Triple H: No, at the time I wasn't thinking that! "God damn, this hurts, but Lemmy's got an album coming out in spring!"

LK: Actually, this is kind of fortunate!

Triple H: Exactly!

ME: Is it tough stepping back into the ring after that?

Triple H: I actually got back into the ring for the first time yesterday, just to hit the ropes a little bit, and it was pretty tough. It was a little nerve-wracking at first, but I'll get through it, and once I get it in my head that I'm strong again, I'll be good to go. I'm just gonna come back and start kicking ass, and I don't care who's ass it is!

LK: Just not mine, please...

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