Boston Metro interview- 11/04/02
Raw Comes to the Fleet with HHH

Last week on RAW, according to, Triple H and Kane battled in a horrific Casket Match, which saw the Big Red Monster get the win over the World Heavyweight Champion thanks to some major interference from Shawn Michaels. Tonight, The Game will seek revenge before a crowded house of WWE fans at the FleetCenter. En route to his Boston match, Hunter Hearst Helmsley took time to talk with Boston Metro about life as a World Wrestling Entertainment superstar.

Boston Metro: How to you psych yourself up for a match?

HHH: As soon as I hear my music, I'm ready. Just being in the arena and hearing the crowd brings everything up to heightened level. You never have to fake it when thousands of people are screaming for you.

BM: How much time do you spend on the road for the WWE?

HHH: I do more than 200 shows a year. On an average week, I wrestle Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Tuesday is a travel day, so I have two days off a week if I don?t have anything else to do like appearances or interviews, which is rare.

BM: What do you think of the MTV show ?Tough Enough where people compete for a WWE contract?

HHH: It's decent as far as it goes. I wish people could see the whole story. People look at that show and think they have an idea of how tough wrestling is, but it's just the tip of the iceberg. That's just a bunch of kids getting roughed up in training a couple of days a week then going back to their nice home and having good food. Trying getting beat up for real in the ring four nights a week and sleeping in hotels and eating room service for 10 years.

BM: Which is your favorite part of sports entertainment, the match in the ring or the acting?

HHH: I enjoy both. There?s probably no greater thrill than being in the ring in front of 30,000 people and wrestling. The stuff outside the ring is great, too. It's our job to get the crowd involved and take them on an emotional roller coaster ride. That's the thing that gets me when they say wrestling isn't a real sport. We're storytellers as well as athletes, and the great thing about what we do is that fans are guaranteed to be entertained. You can sit through an entire baseball game and not be entertained at all.

BM: The Rock has made the transition from wrestling to the big screen. Do you have any plans to in that direction?

HHH: I've been approached to do some stuff, but to be honest I don't want to take the time off wrestling right now. That's not to say that if someone offered me a truckload of money to be in a film, I'd say no. But I'd still want it to be something I'd be proud of.

BM: What's something people don't know about Triple H outside the wrestling world? Do you enjoy long walks on the beach? Do you sing or draw?

HHH: (Laughs) I can draw. Before I got into the wrestling business, I as going to school to be a graphic artist.

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