WWF.com interview (5/01)
The Game is 'grand' at Backlash
Conducted by Phil Speer

After his successful Intercontinental Title defense against Jeff Hardy on Smackdown!, Triple H travels to London this Saturday for Insurrextion with two championship, and one distinct honor.
After winning the Tag Team Title Sunday at Backlash, The Game has no held the World Wrestling Federation Champion and the Intercontinental, European and Tag Team titles. That makes him the second "Grand Slam Champion" in Federation history, joining Shawn Michaels.
"There are certain accomplishments that you reach in anything that meant a lot," Triple H said in an interview with WWF.com. "To become one of only two guys that have done something is of course an incredible feat."
That his friend and former D-Generation X cohort Michaels is the only other Grand Slam Champion makes it extra special.
"I have such respect for him, and what he's done in the ring and what he's done in this business," said The Game. "He had an incredible career that was cut short by injury, but it was an incredible career. To be held in regard with him is an honor."
Asked if he would now go after another title- like the Women's Title or the Light Heavyweight Title- Triple H laughed and said, "I think I might a hard time going after that Light Heavyweight Title. You've probably got a better shot of seeing me win that Women's Title than you do the Light Heavyweight."
Hunter Hearst-Helmsley defeated Marc Mero in October 1996 to win his first title in the Federation, the Intercontinental Title. Today he is the four-time and current Intercontinental Champion, having defeated Jeff Hardy for the title on the April 17 edition of RAW IS WAR. He's a two-time European Champion- his first reign coming in December 1997, a memorable "match" when champion Shawn Michaels simply let his DX partner win it from him. On Aug. 23, 1999, The Game defeatde Mankind to begin his first of four reigns as Federation Champion. On Sunday, Triple H won his first Tag Team Title when he and Stone Cold Steve Austin downed the Undertaker and Kane.
"I thought it was a great match," The Game said. "It wasn't quite what we expected it to be on some levels, but it was a good match and I felt we accomplished what we wanted to."
The Rattlesnake and The Game- the Two-Man Power Trip- currently hold a total of four championship belts. But how long can two dominant personalities like them co-exist?
"Until we say we can't anymore," Triple H said. "It's the kind of thing where you keep your finger on the pulse. When it works, it works. When it doesn't, it doesn't anymore. And right now it's working."

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