Triple H addresses Goldberg's public outburst (6/23/00)
By Wade Keller, Torch editor

Last week Goldberg "cut a promo" on Triple H at a licensing show in New York City. In an unplanned incident, Goldberg left the WCW booth and approached Triple H at the WWF booth. He went on a swearing tirade against Triple H, apparently for comments Triple H had made last year about Goldberg's experience, string of injuries, and potential value to WWF.

Triple H addressed the incident on record for the first time yesterday on WWF's internet "Byte This" audio show. Host Jonathan Coachman asked Triple H if he could talk about the incident that happened at a licensing show involving Goldberg a couple of weeks ago.

"I was with Stephanie (McMahon) signing autographs," Triple H said. "We were at a licensing convention. It was mostly just business people who are fans and people that the company does business with, you know, so it's not your typical wrestling fan. These are people in business suits... We're sitting there signing and WCW also had a booth on the other side... At some point in time, Bill Goldberg decided to come over and just basically stand about 30 feet away, with a few of the WCW people around him, and basically just hurl obscenities at me and, you know, say he was gonna kick my ass or whatever, and just use a lot of F words, and basically, to me, embarrassed himself and embarrassed World Championship Wrestling... As if they can't embarrass themselves anymore...

"If Bill Goldberg has a problem with me, that's fine, I mean, I don't know why or what his problem was supposed to be, I've heard everything from he read that I said things about him on the internet, which if he's gonna let that bother him, you know, there is so much mistruth on the internet that you read. If he's gonna let that bother him, he needs to get thicker skin... (I've heard) Anything from it was Russo's idea to try to get some rub for their company, by calling me out in a public way, like (Goldberg) tried to do a few years ago by calling Austin out on Jay Leno... You know, that they woudl get some kind of rub off it. I don't know what the reasoning was, but if it was that Bill Goldberg had a problem with ME, Bill Goldberg should have addressed it with ME personally, not in front of a bunch of people and not throwing profanity...

"If Goldberg would have walked up and said, 'When you're done, I'd like to talk to you,' and we would have gone and hashed out our problems, great... but for him to stand there in front of all those people and embarrass himself and embarrass his company... You know, it was just bad. A bad light for them. I quite honestly kind of laughed at him and just looked like, 'Oh, okay... Real smart."... He just kinda went off on his own and really kind of embarrassed himself. The people that were around us were like, "Who was that jerk?"

There has been snickering and groaning in locker rooms in WCW and the WWF since that incident regarding Goldberg's judgement.

[Thanks to correspondent Tony Batalla]

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