WWF Magazine interview (kayfabe) (9/97)
By Vince Russo

What brings an aristocrat from Greenwich, Connecticut together with a barbell-bouncin' female brickhouse? Simple --the hunger to DOMINATE. When former World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Champion Hunter Hearst-Helmsley decided that he needed some "extra protection" after dropping his gold to rookie sensation Rocky Maivia, the silver spoon-sucking snob turned to a "stranger" who apparently had a fancy for his Midas touch. A deranged fan packaged in the body of an Amazon she-beast caught Hunter's attention when she climbed over a series of barricades and choked the air out of the delicate director Marlena. After a series of even more attacks on Marlena, the pompous polo player evidently saw something he liked and he hired the "mystery woman" he now referred as "Chyna" to watch -and protect- his back. Since that "deal of destruction" was made, this odd couple has been an unbeatable force in the ranks of the Federation. HOWEVER --as time passes through the hourglass, we are starting to uncover more and more about this dastardly duo. One fact, which came to the surface in the last issue of this very magazine, was the revelation that both Helmsley and Chyna were apparently trained by the same man --Walter "Killer" Kowalski. Is there more then meets the eyes? We'll soon find out!

Editor: Hunter, I have to ask you this question first because it has always troubled me.

Hunter: Excuse me, before I answer any of your ridiculous questions, I think the first -and formost- question you need to ask me is: How does it feel to be King?

Editor: Fine. How does it feel to be the King?

Hunter: It's GREAT to be King. Now, what's your next question?

Editor: Why do you feel a need to have someone watching your back? Don't you feel confident that you can get by on your own athletic ability?

Hunter: There is no question that I can get by on my ability alone. The reason why I have somone come with me at ringside is because when you're as good as I am, and when you're the man that Hunter Hearst-Helmsley is, someone is always coming after you from behind! And I'm human...I don't have eyes in the back of my head. But I can have Chyna's eyes watching my back all the time! Pure jealousy in the World Wrestling Federation makes me do this!

Editor: Speaking of Chyna...the squared circle of the World Wrestling Federation is certaintly no place for a lady. We thought you were a gentleman!

Hunter: Are you implying Chyna can't handle herself? She seems to have handled herself just fine so far in the Federation! That sounds like a chauvinist statement! You're a chauvinist pig, Mr. Editor!

Editor: And you're not?

Hunter: Of course I'm not. I let Chyna work for me, and she's a WOMAN isn't she?

Editor: Indeed she is. And speaking of that, does the relationship between you and Chyna go any further that what we see on televison?

Hunter: What you see on television is what you get! Chyna is my bodyguard, and she is there to protect my back 24 hours a day. That's all she does. It's a business relationship. Everyone seems to think there would be some problem with me and Chyna being together! If you think that's a problem, then maybe you should ask Chyna about it.

Editor: Does Hunter Hearst-Helmsley fear Chyna? We've already seen what she can do to other superstars.

Hunter: I don't fear anybody because I'm Hunter Hearst-Helmlsey, and in this world I have no equal. Chyna does what I tell her to do, because I have what she wants, and that is the money I put in her pockets.

Editor: How did it feel when Chyna had you in her clutches during your match with Goldust on Raw is War back in May?

Hunter: It just reaffirmed to me that Chyna can take care of any business that I need her to take care of in the Federation. If she can do that to me and almost break my neck in the couple of seconds that she had me, then she can do that to any superstar in the Federation at any time! All I have to do is snap my fingers and say attack!

Editor: Are you afraid of Chyna herself?

Hunter: The bottom line is that Chyna is a woman. Are you asking me if I would fight a woman? I don't hit women, and I should hope the other superstars wouldn't stoop to hitting a woman either.

Editor: What would happen if Chyna got tired of watching your back and she let it be known to you?

Hunter: Well, then I would have to let her services go. But Chyna is not a dumb girl. She isn't just a body and no brains. That would never happen!

Editor: In your opinion, what is a woman's place?

Hunter: You're really trying to set me up with this, aren't you?

Editor: I'm just curious! You're a rich gentleman who's had everything handed to you your entire life, but where is a woman's place in the book of Hunter Hearst-Helmlsey?

Hunter: It depends on how attractive the woman is. If she is attractive enough she belongs by my side, and if she's not she belongs away from me. And as far as Chyna goes, she belongs by my side doing whatever I tell her to do.

Editor: What real man would have a woman protect him?

Hunter: Hunter Hearst-Helmsley. That's the real man who has a woman protecting him. Anybody who has a problem with Chyna can walk up to her and ask her if she has the ability to do what she does. Then we'll see what her answer is and if they think the same thing when she is done with them.

Editor: Are you telling us that you would be exactly where you are right now with or without Chyna?

Hunter: Yes, I would because I am exactly what I say I am, and that is the best in the Federation. I have no equal in that ring and I'm going to prove that today, tomorrow, the day after that, whether Chyna will be with me or not. I will always be the best in the Federation!

Editor: With all due respect, Hunter, I would have to question that. Recently I learned first-hand that you didn't "accidently" stumble across Chyna at all. As a matter of fact, you and Chyna were both trained by the same man! I think you PERSONALLY groomed Chyna to guarentee your success here in the World Wrestling Federation.

Hunter: That's ridiculous. Who in God's name told you that?

Editor: Perhaps the trainer himself--"Killer" Kowalski?

Hunter: "Killer" Kowalski? Is he still alive?

Editor: Alive and well.

Hunter: Oh yes, right. Isn't he the same guy who thinks magnets are the cure-all of cancer?! The fact is, "Killer" Kowalski hasn't been "right" in years!!! If you're going to believe him, you might as well also believe that money doesn't buy happiness! Oh and by the way --this interview is officially over.

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