AOL Chat (5/16/96)

This interview with HHH is courtesy of the WWF area of AOL... done on May 16, 1996

Today (May 16) I had the opportunity to talk via telephone with Hunter Hearst-Helmsley. Hunter talks about his interference in the Marc Mero and 1-2-3 Kid match, his commentating on Monday Night Raw and his upcoming match with Wildman Marc Mero at this month's In Your House(Sunday, May 26). In this AOL exclusive. . .this is what Hunter had to say!

WWFmatrat: Good afternoon, Hunter Hearst-Helmsley, and thanks for taking the time to talk with me.

Hunter Hearst-Helmsley: Make it quick. I have more important things to attend to than talk on the phone with you.

WWFmatrat: OK...Hunter, we all saw you interfere at last month's In Your House match between Wildman Marc Mero and the 1-2-3 Kid. Is this the way Hunter plans on getting even with Marc Mero? Or is Hunter jealous that Marc Mero stole his girlfriend?

Hunter Hearst-Helmsley: First of all, it wasn't interference! Obviously you weren't watching the match. Wildman Marc Mero is the only one who is jealous. He is jealous of me! Everyone wants to be like me! I am the one who walks around with the most beautiful women in the world. You see, Marc Mero has repeatedly stuck his nose in Hunter Hearst-Helmsley's business. He has no reason to be in my business. I went out there to have a quick discussion with Sable. We had unfinished business after I had dumped her! Marc Mero still decided to stick his filthy nose in my business. So, I had no other choice but to take him out of my business with the Pedigree--which you and the world shall see again at In Your House!

WWFmatrat: A few weeks ago on Monday Night Raw, you did color commentating on the rematch between Wildman Marc Mero and the 1-2-3 Kid. Were you at ringside just to commentate? Or were you ringside just to interfere in the match and try and help the Kid win?

Hunter Hearst-Helmsley: First of all, I think. . .no, change that,. . .Iknow I did an excellent job commentating on the match. I'm sure the offers are going to come in from the World Wrestling Federation wanting me to do commentating on all of the matches. I was at ringside minding my own business and doing my job. I was enjoying commentating on the match, and Marc Mero was the one who started it. You see, Wildman Marc Mero is a tremendous athlete. Let's face it. He wouldn't be in the World Wrestling Federation if he wasn't. The one thing that he lacks. brains! I think the 1-2-3 Kid proved that when he was beating his brains in during the match. The Wildman was very fortunate to win. Hunter Hearst-Helmsley plans on teaching brainless Marc Mero a lesson he will never forget at this month's In Your House!

WWFmatrat: Hunter, it was only this week on Monday Night Raw that we saw you take on World Wrestling Federation Champion Shawn Michaels and come up on the short end of the stick. You were pinned by the Heartbreak Kid after he floored you with a thrust kick. Can you give us your thoughts on the match? And why was Mr. Perfect hanging around ringside? Are you guys in on something?

Hunter Hearst-Helmsley: Well, Mr. Perfect and I have a relationship. I do not interfere in Mr. Perfect's business, and he doesn't interfere in mine. What's his is his and mine is mine. I am not sure why he was there. Maybe he just wanted to get a better look at me? Can you blame him? Everybody wants to get a closer look at me. As far as World Wrestling Federation Champion Shawn Michaels goes, he is a tremendous champion. It is obvious because he is at the top of the World Wrestling Federation. My first shot at Shawn Michaels. . .well. . .let's just say he was the teacher this time. Next time the student, Hunter Hearst-Helmsley, will become the champion.

WWFmatrat: Final question.

Hunter Hearst-Helmsley: It's about time.

WWFmatrat: At this month's In Your House, it will be Hunter Hearst-Helmsley taking on Wildman Marc Mero. What will be your strategy going into the match?

Hunter Hearst-Helmsley: Everyone thinks that this match is about Sable. Sable has nothing to do with this. Women like her are a dime a dozen to Hunter. For every one I have like her, I have 10 more to take her place. She meant nothing to me. But, as insignificant a piece of property she was to me, Marc Mero still stole her from Hunter Hearst-Helmsley. And at In Your House I will show Marc Mero what will happen when you steal from a Helmsley. I will once again be the judge and the jury, and I will execute the sentence. . .with a Pedigree!

WWFmatrat: Well, thanks for your views. I'm not quite sure everyone will agree. Anyway, thanks again and good luck Sunday, May 26, at In Your House!

Hunter Hearst-Helmsley: Hunter Hearst-Helmsley is a man of his word! And furthermore, little online person or whatever you call yourself, my views are the only ones that really matter. On Sunday, May 26, at In Your House, you can bet following the match that Marc Mero will be looking for a new job. Maybe he can work for me?. . . that's an idea. . . I do need a someone to carry my bags!. . .

(Hunter laughs and hangs up the phone)

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