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Personality development is the developing a personality cult so as to create a strong positive impression about self with the targeted group, or in general; and more pertinent aspect of such personality is to maintain and prove in a long run.

Ten Imp. Points for an Ultimate Personality:




        Trustworthy, High integrity and Responsible.

        Knowledge, in depth.



        Economic independence.

        Morality / Character.

        Being beneficial / advantageous.


Strong negative aspects to spoil personality:


        Hurting attitude.

        Useless approach.

        Non-beneficial communication.

        Untrustworthy, Irresponsible, Lack of integrity.

        Below average performance.

        Powerless egoism.

        Financial indiscipline.


        Uncontrolled burst of negative emotions.


The four aspects influencing personality are:

Physical, Social, Psychological and Philosophical.

Physical personality depends upon pleasing personality indirectly supported by health, strength and withstanding capacity.

Social personalityís main factors are: social values, communication skill, attitude and economic independence especially in relation with wealth.

Psychological personality is in tune with personal values, approach, thinking pattern, emotional management and influenced by knowledge, intelligence and smartness.

Philosophical personality is on account of maturity of values. 

Main factors for developing a strong personality in social environment:

1.   Pleasing appearance.

2.   Beneficial communication.

3.   Adapting and adhering to social values in interactions.

4.   Developing confidence of

(a)          Sincerity, integrity and trust.

(b)         Completing duties, fulfilling responsibilities in time.

(c)          Economic independent, but not being miser.

5.   Additional spices for the best impression:

(a)          Awareness and alertness.

(b)         Useful application of: knowledge in depth, positive intelligence and defensive smartness.

(c)          Self-Confidence, Initiative, dynamism, leadership qualities, will-power and self-discipline.

(d)         Adaptive to moral values. 

Main factors for developing a strong personality in working field:

1.   Sincerity, integrity and trust.

2.   Awareness, alertness and grasping capacity.

3.   Beneficial communication skill.

4.   Useful application of required knowledge in depth, positive intelligence and defensive smartness.

5.   Non dependence of economic condition other than for rightful privileges.

6.   Completing duties and fulfilling responsibilities in time and absolute accountability.

7.   Pleasing appearance with good health.

8.   Social interactions in tune with institutional decorum.

9.   Sensible thinking inspite of emotionally charged, or embarrassing, circumstances.

10.   Dynamism in positive approaches, initiative in new skills and adaptive to institutional policies.

11.   Being in tune with changing times; especially so with changing technologies in the respective line.

12.   Not to be with:

(1)         Creating helplessness, self satisfaction at othersí cost, egoism, sadism, criticism, putting blame on others to escape, irritating communication, untrustworthiness.

(2)         Laziness, lethargic attitude, falling into helplessness, unusual attitude, useless/boom-ranging approaches, irresponsibility, ignorance, borrowings, unhygienic/disliking appearance.

Main factors for Self development:

1.   Self-discipline especially against temptations.

2.   Not telling lies.

3.   Attainment of maturity in distinguishing good and bad, and development of discipline to do such good and will-power to stand against such bad.

4.   Performance of accepted role-play with fulfilling duty, responsibility and accountability.

5.   Love and gratitude.

6.   Using sensibility rather than becoming emotional.

7.   Listen and gather but take your own decision.

8.   Donít accept failures, but rectify mistakes in such failures.

9.   Skill to do, will to achieve and thrill to help.

10.   Try to create happiness around you even at your own personal cost.

11.   Helping should always be motto of life without expectation in return.

12.   Be selfish within such level of: donít give away your owns if meant for fulfilling your duties.

13.   Thinking should be positive so that your attitude and approaches will also be positive.

14.   Learn useful knowledge, develop positive intelligence and equip with defensive smartness.

15.   Time shall be managed to such optimum level either for usefulness, or for relaxation.

16.   Have such hobbies so as to convert the remaining time to be useful.

17.   Dependence should be a strategy to get the things done.

Other notable points:-

1.   Favourable social interactions are possible by pleasing appearance, beneficial communication, happy creating attitude, and mutually useful approach with maturity in social values.

2.   In-depth knowledge should be useful.

Positive intelligence should be beneficial.

Defensive smartness should be protective.

3. Criticism is the self-defensive mechanism to cover up oneís own inefficiency.

4. Not telling a lie is not wrong but it doesnít mean to tell the truth; however, not telling truth should be for a positive aspect without absolute selfishness.           

 In other words, personality development depends on:

        Character and Conduct.

        Theory of relativity, Perceptions and Values.

        Awareness and alertness.

        Health, wealth, in-depth knowledge, positive intelligence and defensive smartness.

        Self-Confidence, Will-Power and Self-Discipline.

        Duty, responsibility and accountability.

        Moral Values.