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Mom's Links Page

The News


USA Today



Expedia -- Find low fares on plane tickets, cruises, hotels, and more

Travelocity -- Very similar to Expedia, but prices vary

MapQuest -- Get maps and/or driving directions for anywhere in the country


Yahoo Games

MSN Games

Orisinal Games -- Time waster games with little animals

The Candystand Arcade -- Plenty of online arcade games. Also try clicking on the tabs to check out the other types of games (Sports, Cards, Puzzles, etc.) -- More games...

Shopping -- Purchase new or used books, CD's, electronics, and more.

Barnes and Noble -- Very similar to, but it's always good to compare prices!

EBay -- The online auction forum. Good for unique gifts and items, and it's always amusing to browse the items to see what is out there...

Wal-Mart Online

Misc. -- A good, free online encyclopedia. Search for a specific topic or browse the alphabetical indexed list

Quote Geek -- Read some famous quotes from countless personalities over the years

Babel Fish -- Translate text from various languages into English, or vice-versa. Just know that it's not perfect but a very useful tool

Celebrity Morph --Choose a celebrity then click and drag on their faces to stretch them

St. Vincent College -- Still got one kid left in school...