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Welcome to the Lord of the Rings FanArt where every LotR artist can live out their dream of publishing their great works for all to see and admire. If you would like to see your art here, please contact me.

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This site was created by Meri (Web-Mistress) and is maintained continually. This site aims to bring together LotR Artists of all genres.

July 28, 2003

27 July 2003 - I'm afraid my Erendis work will not be appearing for a while, not until I've transferred all my pic files to my new comp, so please do not despair!

- I've added another wonderful work by Lindsey and finally sorted out the arrangement of the artworks.

24 July 2003 - The third step in my Erendis Work in Progress has been added

23 July 2003 - And continued with my Work in Progress.

- also, I have added my new Beren and Luthien and my hobbits at the Havens painting

22 July 2003 - I have opened up my Art in Progress section. My new Erendis! I'll be updating it almost every day, so I hope y'all enjoy it!

21 July 2003 - Finally! got round to posting my new drawings. A couple on the People page and my first ever Orlando pic.

- And the talented Toni-Marie Hudson has allowed me to post her fantastic works

- Lindsey of Hobbits Live has kindly allowed me to show-case her lovely works here.

- Added a couple of more People pics. Includes Frodo and Merry ones.

- Added the links for the guestbook, linkme and contact pages.

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