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The Lord of the Movies

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Hey everyone this is the Lord of the Movies website! This site is for all you LOTR fans who like to read fan fics...well me and my best friend Sandi started it! Here what happend. Once upon a time there was a girl and her best friend, one day the girl called her best friend to go and rent a movie, so the girl and her best friend walked to the movie store (which is along ways a way) and picked up to movies. As they were walking home the girl started to talk about how much she loved LOTR and how hot Elijah Wood the best friend said "Girl I think we should call you Jenna Baggins (thats me)" She and her boyfriend had resently broken up and he often called himself Samwise Gamgee ( there back together) and I knew she still love him so I said "Bestfriend you shall now be called Sandiwise Kent" We created our own world middle-erie. We live in For-shire! We had 2 movies ( can't remember what they were though) Are objection was to get them to Mount Doom (could think of anything creative still thinking) and get past Beneron (my borther) and the evil orks (we use a K instead of a c and there my parents) We had all the characters planned out to..but we forgot so were trying to think of them again! So we decided to write are adventures down each time we go get some movies...its not gonna be like, we bought movies take them to mount doom save the world no its going to be like a serise of stories each time we must do something diffrent to get to Mount Doom away from there accually quite good to! So stay tuned for the first Chapter in the amazing serise THE LORD OF THE MOVIES!! your turely, Jenna Baggins