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27th December :
Merry Christmas Everyone ! I have added a new picture pages ,
due to a number of complaints about rthe load time .
The new page is from December onwards , and the picture
sizes on the new page are slightly bigger now. Big thanks to all those that came
down to PHD and see me play . If you missed out , come Down
to the GOD & Smilepolice 2004 NYE party

4th November :
Hi guys. Pics page has been updated from Tidy Trax Tour.
Also get some more photos of the GOD halloween party
at Hi-Fi Bar [ HERE ].
Also a few weeks ago I played my 2nd set vs Ultranate
those pics can be found [ HERE ].
Will have some photos soon of Tune Therpy sometime next week.
Make sure you come , its for a good cause. Rouckout

27th September :
DJ Mixing school final Exams Pics ...
[ HERE ]. Pics from Pharmacy have been uploaded on this site .
Pictures to be uploaded on Monday from Godskitchen this weekend . Happy 21st birthday to Daz.

1st September :
Event X Pics up at this link . Enjoy

6th August :
I now have my 3rd digital camera , so hopefully will be able to get
100% more pics up on the site now , cause the camera is incy tincy tiny weny.
Also the pics pages will change URL , so keep a eye out for that. awesome

26th July :
Have we got a big 2 months for you! ,
time to get your dancing shoes on!, its time to party like you have never partied before

Friday 31st July - 3D vs Scattered @ 3D ( This is gonna be huge )
Saturday 1st August - My Family arrives for the week( YAY ! )
Saturday 14th August - High Fidelity @ Brown alley
Saturday 21st August - Hectic @ SOS in Geelong
Saturday 28th August - Event X ( My House ! )
Saturday 11th September - Pharmacy [Bloom] + My Birthday
Saturday 25th September - War Of the Worlds ( Trance )
Saturday 2nd October - Godskitchen

18th July :
Page update some pics from NRG7 have been uploaded. I'll upload the rest later this week . Wicked Party!!

1st July :
Hi guys just a quick one. In a bid to get my hosting changed , and also make a proper web site ,
I pretty much need a higher traffic flow. If you would like to link this site to your own , feel free.
If you would like a thumbnail to use for the link , then head over to my arts page.
Also any Ideas of suggestions you would like to see on the site ,
just post it on my guest book on my home page down the bottom.That is all :D.

27th June :
Winter comes , hoodies come on , parties start cranking!
Big Month coming up with lots'o'parties to attend. Also check out the new flyer for on the art page ,
for our birthday invitation . email me for full details about that.
So just repeating events we will be at :

Thursday July 1st - Q-Bert @ Prince of Wales
Friday July 2nd - Pharmacy @ QBH
Friday July 9th - Scattered Party @ Dorset Gardens Hotel
Saturday July 17th - NRG 7
Friday 23rd July - DJ Dean & Brooklyn Bounce

Then on the 31st Of July My brother comes over for 1 week.
So Much partin' to be done. Sorry for the lack of pics ,
I will be sure to take some next Month. Till then rock out !

8th June :
Heya. Just updating a few things. The new web hosting didn't come as planned,
but im still on the hunt.If anyone can help with any , please feel free to email me at .
Also I will be making avalible a CD of my mixing , so if anyone is interested in having a listen ,
please email me , and I will send you out a copy. The CD cover has been done ...
I have posted it up on the ART page.

Big Events for June & July
11th June : Re-opening of Kandy + Shuffle Comp
13th June : Slinky
2nd July : Pharmacy - Evil Empire
17th July : NRG 7

I will hopefully take my camera along to all these events , and take alot more pics. Till then Peace

24th May :
Wasssup. This web site turns 3 months old tommorrow.
hopefully getting better hosting soon + and a proper web design . I'll let you know the new URL as it comes time .
Riot was wicked . I have uploaded 10 pics.
I will try and take some better pics next time I go out :D

28th April :
Heya ! Sorry for the late update , but its been a busy 3 days between Pharmacy and now.
Some images have been uploaded to Pics page from the weekend,
but couldn't upload many , due to the state most people were in.
Email me if you want a particular pic. Also coming up this week ,
Belfast on the 1st May @ QBH . Dont forget about the Bassstation release party of master Kaos new CD ,
on the 14th of May ( which I designed the cover for ;) ) , and anyone who is anyone will be at the Tracid Trax tour care of Pharmacy
on the 22nd on May. Kai Tracid , Hennes & Cold , and A*S*Y*S will be there ,
what a line up . Rockon!

10th April :
Big week to be had by all once again.
Pics page has been updated. All new pics were taken at GOD @ Altona ,
definatly one of the best raves I've been too. Big Hi-Five to everyone I met.
Also the art page has been updated , included is the winning Bass Station design....
10 days to go before Pharmacy !!! COSMIC GATE oo weee.
Also a massive "HARDOUT" to Daz . Keep rockin'

31st March :
Heya ...What a week it has been . I have received my payment from the
insurance company yesterday ... they gave me $1160 :D Very happy about that .
Also I won the Warp Frequency CD cover competition , so keep a eye out for Master Kaos's new CD.
I'll post up the winning cover very shortly on my art page. Things dont stop there though ,
also today I won a computer + monitor from work ( brand new ). Some thing has to go bad now ,
I never have this much luck . lol Dont forget Pharmacy 24th April .
Gonna be a rocker . MMmmm Cosmic Gate Mmmm . Also 3D this Friday 2nd April , they have Doc Savage playing .
Dont miss out . have a good one

19th March :
Not much goin on ATM . I entered the Master Kaos Warp Frequency CD competition.
All entrys have been posted on the bass station web site [HERE] .
I'll keep you updated if it goes well. Don't forget NRG 6 release party at
Bass Station on the 26th. ps. Insurance paper work has gone through
for my stolen digital camera, but I can only expect up to $500 back ....
Woo Dee Fuckin Doo

12th March :
Unfortunatly there will be no Two Tribes video now .
After taping the event the camera was stolen from my car.
Please feel free to give me a new one ,
as my insurance company will only give me $500 on it
The Pics page has been updated . Enjoy

2nd March :
I have started my Intro on the Two Tribes Video .
Should be finished in about 2 weeks . Gives me enough time
to edit it ... with sound etc etc . Expect a good one ,
its been a while since I made a clip.

28th Feburary :
Well after some unexpected impulse shopping , I walked home today with a digital video camera ,
so I guess you will be all seeing some short vids of some raves / dancing , and other crap on the music page.
With the purchase of the camera now means we can complete the kemical klothing
video which I started over 5 months ago . Ooo Wee aye Liam

26th Feburary :
Rave Events Coming up:
27th February, Tara Reynolds Tidy Trax U.K. @ Hard Kandy - Melbourne
07th March Two Tribes - Melbourne
26th March NRG 6 Launch @ Bassstation - Melbourne
The Pics Page will be fully up and running once I get my shit sorted . I have close to 2gigs worth of pics ,
but those wont be up until my flatmate gets his computer working .. should be the next 2 days , I hope.

25th Feburary :
Site goes up to post Pics , and a bit of Goss .
My Teammission hosting died .. I think they actually moved the server . Fear the Free pop ups
you get when you visit this site :D