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Heart of the Family-zine

(articles for dads and moms)

Welcome to Family Life-zine. This zine has several articles relating to parenting children. Some of the articles are applicable to children of various ages so look through all the articles for helpful suggestions. Please note the articles written by fathers for fathers. The information is valuable for mothers too.

Family Matters
by Rachel Paxton

Home/Family/Parenting Article
by Christine Louise Hohlbaum

Home/Family Article

Imperfect Parent

Emphasis on Mom
by Dionna Sanchez

The Dabbling Mum
by Alyice Edrich

Dynamic Vision
by Mark Brandenburg MA, CPCC

Joyful Productions
by Patricia Gatto


How to Criticize Your Child
by Anthony Kane, MD
We have an obligation to teach our children how to conduct themselves properly in the world.

more general parenting...

Managing Your Energy After Childbirth
by Sylvia Brown
Unfortunately, fatigue is part of the postnatal period. Although sleep deprivation is almost inevitable, utter exhaustion is avoidable.

more baby articles....

Screaming Kids driving you nuts? To ignore or not to ignore, that is the question!
by Michelle Shelton
Often I will hear parents say, "I just ignore Jr. when he has a fit or screams."

more Toddlers & Pre-schoolers...

Using Pocket-money To Promote Independence In Kids
by Michael Grose
In seminars I am often asked about pocket-money and whether it should be earned or only given when children behave well.

more School Age parenting...

What to Do When Your Teen Chooses Bad Friends
by Anthony Kane, MD
Recently, a well known educator and speaker on parenting issues made a list of all the difficult questions parents had been asking him about their teens.

more Tweens & Teens parenting....

Articles and tips for enriching your relationship with your spouse.

Articles written by fathers for fathers.

Kids Just Wanna Have Fun!
by Cheryl Johnson
During the recent “schools out session” for the holidays. I was reminded how much the kids crave entertainment.
moreFamily Activities
Ideas for family night and family activites. Article list for Family

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