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My Own Writings

I am driven by my longing,
And my understanding urges
That I should commence my singing,
And begin my recitation.

My own writings: A slowly growing list of both fan-fiction and IF.

So far the list includes the two games of interactive fiction I ever wrote to their completion, a "prologue" to another such IF work, my contributions to an online parody of "Lord of the Rings", and several fics in various fandoms...

Most recent work added: The Moria Hold


A Dino's Night Out:

The first interactive fiction game I ever finished writing, written within the confines of the "dino-comp" of 1 April 2000. A small game meant as parody of the well-known works of Interactive Fiction "A Bear's Night Out" and to a lesser extent "Tapestry". But you may like it.

Commentary by: Bryan B. (external link)
Download the: Z-code file.
Glulx file.
DOS executable.

Notes: first release 1-Apr-2000 | posted here 14-May-2000) | glulx version added 21-May-2000


In the House of Tom Bombadil:

In May 2000, the "E-Text Project" was begun in the Tolkien newsgroups of rec.arts.books.tolkien and, dedicated to writing a parody of the "Lord of the Rings". Assignments to chapters were given, volunteers were asked for. You can reach the webpage for the parody through this link - it's advisable to read the chapters in order, since some jokes couldn't possibly be understood outside the context of the entire work...

This is my own contribution to the project, a parody of "Chapter 7: In the House of Tom Bombadil". And whether you like it or not, feedback is always welcome.

Notes: first posted 17-May-2000 | posted here 21-May-2000


Narn Hathaldir ah Aerlin:

The tale of a boy and a girl. The untold story of Hathaldir the Young, one of the twelve last companions of Barahir.

Written in alliterative verse several years ago - unfortunately that was before I quite understood the workings of alliterative verse! Therefore I am fully aware of (and apologise for) the inadequacies of this story/poem. Nonetheless, I finally decided to post it here, especially since there were a couple of positive comments when I posted it in the Usenet.

Notes: first posted 3-Nov-2000 | posted here 9-Nov-2000 | submitted to 19-Jul-2001


Nominated for Best Story, XyzzyAwards 2001

The year is Anno Domini 1424. And in the small town of Domremy certain voices start speaking to a young girl named Jhennette...

Written for the SmoochieComp 2001 (follow the link for the rest of the entries), the romance-themed mini-comp organised by Emily Short, "Voices" is my second work of Interactive Fiction and so far my favourite.

The 2nd release is available for download below.

Commentary by: Kathleen Fischer
Duncan Stevens
J. Robinson Wheeler
Emily Short
Jonathan Rosebaugh (external)
Adrian Chung (external)
Download the: Z-code file.
DOS executable.

Notes: 1st release finished 3-Feb-2001 | released 14-Feb-2001 | posted here 28-Feb-2001 | 2nd release posted 4-May-2001


The West Under the Window:

My second contribution to the E-Text project, this piece is a parody of J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Window on the West", Chapter 5 in Book IV of "Lord of the Rings".

Much longer (though not necessarily any funnier) than my first contribution, this also includes references to Interactive Fiction, Babylon 5, Douglas Adams and others...

Notes: first posted 26-May-2001 | posted here 3-Jun-2001


Names and Forms:

Late in the history of the Cretan civilisation but far before the fall of Troy, a man arrived at the palace of Lycastus, king of Knossos. Though born of Egypt, the newcomer's name was destined to become inseparably linked with the history of the island; for in his story monsters are revealed, heroes live, love and die, gods are brought to their knees and a new race is born.

My first Gargoyles fanfic. It took me much longer to write than I had ever thought it would; and it likewise turned out much longer than I ever thought it would! Hope you enjoy it, and feedback is always welcome, be it positive or negative.

Notes: first posted 9-Jun-2001


Compulsion (Prologue):
5th place out of 23 in the PrologueComp

This is my entry to the PrologueComp -- the contest's premise to create the prologue/first screen/intro text for a hypothetical Interactive Fiction game. Be sure to visit the comp's page and read all the rest of the entries as well.

Commentary by: Digby McWiggle Robb Sherwin
Nick Montfort Paul O'Brian
David Myers Dennis Jerz
Neil Cerutti  

Notes: submitted 28-May-2001 | released 10-Jun-2001 | posted here 21-Jun-2001

Harry Potter

Reticent Confessions:

Dumbledore never told Harry everything that happened during the time of his imprisonment in Azkaban...

My first HP fic is a story set in the "Psychic Serpent" universe of Barbara Purdom during her "Harry Potter and the Time of Good Intentions" storyline, so I recommend you read that story first. And then please email and review. :-)

First added: 7-Nov-2002

Hikaru no Go

Dreams of the Kisei:
A Prologue

Ten years after the end of the series Hikaru dreams of Sai once more...

My first fanfic based on a manga/anime, this one takes place in the world of Hikaru no Go! And though it stands by itself, it's at the same time a prologue to a much larger story I may one day write...

First added: 10-Aug-2003



If you haven't yet played "Deadly Rooms of Death", go and download it now. Preferably the Architect's Edition.

After finishing all the 25 original levels and a handful fan-made ones, I also tried my hand at creating a small hold of my own. And the idea of building some rooms using the idea of Moria... Well, it was amusing to me. So, I made it happen.

Nothing really demanding, this is just a small and somewhat humorous piece. Download and unzip the file, then use the Architect's edition to import and play it...

Notes: first posted here 24-Oct-2003

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Last updated: 10 Aug 2002