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                                                                                                  (John Rhys-Davies)


Gimli was born in TA 2879 to Gloin the Dwarf. Gimli traveled to Rivendell with his father to seek council as to what should be done about the servants of the Enemy who asked the Dwarves for news of Shire and Baggins. At the council, Gimli already seemed to dislike Legolas. Elrond appointed him to the Fellowship to represent Dwarves. In Moria, Gimli's joy at seeing the home of his forefathers quickly turned to grief when he learned that Balin, his first cousin once removed, was dead, and with him all of the Dwarves who had been establishing a colony there. After Gandalf fell, Gimli formed an unlikely friendship with Legolas that lasted all his life. While in Lothlorien, Gimli became quite enamored of Galadriel, queen of the Elves. Gimli also accompanied Aragorn in the quest to rescue the captured hobbits. He fought at the same battles that Aragorn and Legolas fought at, and killed 42 orcs at Helm's Deep. After the War of the Ring, Gimli and his fellow dwarves reforged the gates of Minas Tirith that the Witch-king had broken. Gimli sailed over the sea with Legolas to the Undying Lands. Gimli was 131 years old when Frodo left the Shire.