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You no You're Obsessed with Lord of the Rings When...


  1. You want to name you kids Faramir and Eowyn. (Aragorn and Arwen work fine, too...)
  2. You can relate anything to The Lord of the Rings. Example: "Hey! I saw a tree that looked kind of Entish..."   or: "that lady was so pale she could have been Arwen…"
  3. It drives you crazy that you can't walk down the street for a Second Breakfast with your hobbit-friends.
  4. The only pictures in your room are of Lord of the Rings characters, or something Lord of the Rings-related.
  5. Everyone groans in agony if they see a picture of Elijah Wood when they're with you.
  6. You're counting down the days for the next installment of the movie trilogy.
  7. You've memorized parts from the book.
  8. You've memorized parts from the movie.
  9. You've memorized the elvish parts.
  10. You've memorized EVERYTHING that has to do with Tolkien!!!
  11. "Lord of the Rings" is the magic word to get you out of your la-la-land condition.
  12. No one bothers to ask what you want for your Birthday or Christmas.
  13. You have a nickname related to the Lord of the Rings.
  14. You respond to it.
  15. You wish you had pointed ears.
  16. You can't say "yes" without ending it in "precious."
  17. You can't pass a day without dreaming about it.
  18. You squeal with joy whenever you see a commercial of the next installment, video release, or one of the actors from the movie on TV and turn the volume up. WAY up.
  19. If anyone shows the slightest interest in it, you tell them the whole plot of the story in a split second.
  20. If someone shows no interest in it, then you either scream at them and tell them they're crazy or completely shut up, knowing everything you say has something to do with it and will annoy them immensely.
  21. You write out songs, poems, skits, and various other things about Middle-Earth.
  22. You write out stuff like this.
  23. You have competitions with friends to see who can come up with more modern world-Middle Earth comparisons
  24. You know (and can play) at least 1 track from a LOTR soundtrack on every instrument you play
  25. When a Cocker Spaniel named Pippin comes into the groomer's you work at, you overlook the fact that he's a vicious piece of work, you want to give him a bath so bad.
  26. You listen to the LOTR cast saying, "welcome to Lord of the" over and over again.
  27. You go with your LOTR family and friends, dressed up, to the movies to see the next installment.