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Test your knowlege with this quiz!

1. Who is the "Black Knight"
A. Ivanhoe
B. Prince John
C. King Richard
D. Brian de Bois-Guilbert
E. Locksley

2. Who dresses up as a priest to enter the Castle?
A. Ivanhoe
B. Wamba
C. Locksly
D. Rebecca
E. Rowena

3. Why did Ivanhoe's father disinherit him?
A. For fighting in the Crusades?
B. For disobeying him?
C. For marrying against his will?
D. For running away?
E. For commiting a crime?

4. Who saves Ivanhoe at the tournament?
A. The Black Knight
B. The Disinherited Knight
C. Friar Tuck
D. The Black Sluggard
E. Rebecca

5. Who does Cedric want Rowena to marry?
A. Ivanhoe
B. Athelsane
C. Brian de Bois-Guilbert
D. Cedric
E. Locksly

6. Why does Ivanhoe appear often?
A. He was fighting in the Crusades
B. He was imprisoned
C. He was lost
D. He disapeared
E. He was wounded

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