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New York's Consummate Trackman & Clocker

Glenn Brock is well known around New York tracks as a #1 pundit.

   With 20 years experience as the consummate trackman/clocker in the Tri-State Area. Thousands upon thousands of his publications have been appreciated for more than two decades. Along with the many awards he has received along the way he is most proud of his professional acumen in helping the betting public reap the benefits of his vast knowledge...

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Smarty Jones is coming to the big city, the big test, the big time and the chance to make big history.


  Of course, we've seen this act before, in fact only last year when Funny Cide was burned by the daunting task of running 1 1/2 miles after a tough 3 year old campaign.


  The Belmont Stakes is the truest of tests, it separates the good from the great. There's always a Belmont winner. There's rarely a Triple Crown Winner. There are many smart trainers who can bring in a horse who is fresh and ready to stymie the field, but to run the tough campaign and remain sharp enough to win the Belmont, is truly a measuring stick that separates the above average, from the great.


  Smarty Jones is in about as good a shape as a horse can be coming into this situation, so there's not allot of reason to doubt him, other than the history of those succumbing to the rigors of this race.


 Smarty will not succumb. he has gone from good to very good very fast. now he has a chance to become great, that will make him special.


 Sit back and enjoy. Watch Smarty Jones do something that hasn't been done for 26 years The time is right, the time is now and Mr. Jones is right for the times, and for that matter maybe

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