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Tails's Fo Shizzle Page For Unimportant Stuff

Things that = WTF?!

My Favorite Web Sites (wow I kept the title)

Icybrian's RPG Page. It rules, go there now. And don't be an ass at the forums.
Order of the Black Wind. Don't be an ass here either.
My LiveJournal. Ask me nicely and maybe I'll put you on my friends list.
this shall change later

I'd like to take this moment to say that: Boy bands are gay. britney spears is gay. Rap is gay. Talking shit about others in a slam book is gay. Letting certain people IN on a slam book is gay. Making a complete asshole out of yourself is gay. Throwing lame and empty insults is gay. Wearing "Princess" shirts when you're not a princess is gay. Trying to show off by putting lip gloss on is gay. Carrying around a purse when you have a huge ass backpack is gay. Dresses are gay. And finally... Josh, the King Retard from my 5th period science class, is gay. Have a nice day!! ^_^