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Product Excellence..... this is our Company's commitment. At Ideal Macaroni and Spaghetti, we maintain the highest quality assurance standards by utilizing one of the world's latest computerized pasta processing plant, matched with the best raw materials available. These two components should go hand in hand to produce a good quality pasta. These high tech machineries enable us to produce large quantities of finished product at any given time, as well as preserving the natural attributes of our pasta.

For more than half a century, Ideal Macaroni & Spaghetti Factory, Inc. has been one of the country’s major pasta manufacturers. The legacy of Ideal Macaroni spanning more than 50 years of commitment to the Filipino conscumers, started as early as the 1930’s with a few pasta-making machines, and was manufacturing pasta under the Victory brand name.
After acquiring the pasta manufacturing facilities from an outgoing Spanish immigrant right after World War 2, thus the brand Ideal Macaroni came to be. Initially targeted at wet market, pasta came in 5-kilo bags packed in Kraft paper, while the length of the spaghetti then, was twice the size of the current spaghetti found in supermarket nowadays.

Through the years, Ideal Macaroni has been renowned to provide good quality pasta at a reasonable and affordable price. Today, we are considered as one of the leading pasta brands in the industry, and cater to well known supermarkets, wholesale clubs, hotels and restaurant, bakeshops and fast food chains like: