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Probably the largest fanfiction archive EVER. You can find ANYTHING here. But for things that a LOT of people write about (i.e. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Harry Potter), you'd probably do better to look in a smaller archive, because there are so many fics on this site that it's difficult to find the good ones. Oh, and they don't allow above an "R" rating. *snerk*

Adult Fanfiction.net
Yeah, it's an archive for adult fics. Most of them suck butt, because it's just some weirdo writing half-assed sex scenes so they can beat off to them. But if you look, there are some gems. I found an MST for an anime show that had me ROLLING! ^_^! So look for MST fics. They're out there, and they're good. ^_^!

The Theban Band
BEST FANART I HAVE EVER SEEN! Beautiful mix of photo manipulation and artwork to make some of the most realistic and gorgeous fanart you will ever see. Fantastic. It's all male slash, with the occasional female in there. Some of the pics aren't appropriate for little ones, but then again, neither are some of the stories I'm recommending. ^_^!

Buffy Fanfiction

SaberShadowKat's Buffy Fanfiction
This is one of my first and favorite fanfiction sites! In addition to Saber's supa-good Buffy fanfics, she has a vast archive of other people's Buffy fics as well! I recommend her "Tiny Smiles" series in the Spike/Xander section. I laughed so hard I almost cried! Also, if you look on her homepage (www.sabershadowkat.com), she has written some Harry Potter and Spiderman fics as well. Hooray!

Ripe Wicked Plum
This site is more of a fanart site than anything, but because of the sheer AWESOMENESS of the fanart, I had to add her up top. There is fanfiction on her site, too, but I think it's mostly archived fics. Read "Fuck You and Your Cat!" It's funny, and it's got one of the best characterizations of Lorne I've ever read!

Pirates of the Caribbean Fanfiction

Parley Archive
The Parley Archive was where I first delved into PotC slash. ^_^! My personal preference is Jack/Norrington, because the Jack/Will ones are always so predictable. I mean, they're already buddies, it's only a crowbar's separation from shagging anyway! But the J/N fics have more twists, you have to do more to get them to even speak civilly to each other, let alone shag. Very interesting reads. I recommend anything by Webcrowmancer and L.M. Griffin.
Sparrington Archive
This is a supa-cool site! It has a great fanart archive, a great fanfiction archive, and tons of plot bunnies to adopt! I love this site! I found some of the best PotC fanart EVER on this site. See the fanart links to see some of them. ^_^!

Harry Potter Fanfiction

Potter Slash Archive
FANTASTIC HP slash archive. It's Potter based, as I'm sure you guessed, but not just Harry! They have James Potter as well. Read the "Love Under Will" series by Aja, it's DIVINE. ^_^! I still get happy chills when I read Chapter 5 of that series.

Malfoy Slash Archive
Sister site to the Potter Slash Archive, the Malfoy slash archive focuses on the Malfoy side of things. ^_^! I am a huge fan of the character Draco Malfoy. He's just fascinating, and there's SO much you can do with him, fanfiction-wise. He's a blank tablet, and yet he's a very specific character, and that combination is rare. ^_^! So, needless to say, I like this site.

Malfoy Manor
Sister site to the two aforementioned sites. ^_^! I have a thing for sister sites, huh? But this is another Malfoy-centric page, and most of the fics are kick ass, albeit a little darker than some of the fics on the other two archive pages. I scrolled past one fic that mentioned necrophelia. Ew! ^_^! But still a good site. And it has some good fanart too. ^_^!

Big Wolf on Campus Links

Big Wolf on Campus.org
Pretty much your one stop shop for all things "Big Wolf." This site is INCREDIBLE. Sound bites, episode description, screen captures, and up-to-date information on what the BWOC actors are doing now. You know that 7UP commerical with the Desperate Housewives? Brandon Quinn is the sales associate. YES! *dances* But, yeah, this is a great site. ^_^!

Dew Knight.com
THIS WEBSITE HAS DOWNLOADABLE BWOC EPISODES! I'm not kidding! They take about 15 minutes each to download, and the quality is low VHS, but they're there, almost all three seasons! I think there are, like, two or three from third season missing, and that's it. I've already downloaded the entire first season! What are you waiting for? GO!!! ^_^!

Yeah, Fanfiction.net again. But that's just because there are a buttload of BWOC fics all in one place here. And that's a GOOD thing. ^_^! So go here and find some BWOC fics. ^_^! They do the body good!

Jen's Big Wolf on Campus Page
This is Jen's Big Wolf on Campus page, but you can also get to her Serendipity site from this particular link. The difference is that Serendipity is "adult-themed." *wink wink, nudge nudge* This is not MY site, this is a different Jen. ^_^! And she is good. There is a nice sized archive, as well as fun clickables and a few awesome essays on parallelism between lycanthropy and homosexuality. Awesome. Also, a blow-by-blow slash content list, which I'm totally going to emulate and add to. ^_^!

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