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Furry Friends
Furry Friends
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Docker is indeed very special to us. He was rescued 5-5-04 by FRR from the Tracy shelter - he then spent almost a year with a Dachshund rescue group. This was a perfect world for him, because he could roam around with his little friends - he loves all dogs and cats - and also, because his little spine is not fully developed. Therefore he does not know when to go potty. He is now back with his foster family, who diapers him (when he is indoors), just as you would a baby! Docker (and his foster family) does not mind, it has just become a daily routine. You wouldn’t believe how sweet he is, he just cuddles with everybody. Not aware of his “little problem”, he blesses everybody around him with his optimism and happiness. If this was only a “little problem” for you too, then Docker could bring lots of joy and great companionship to your life. He is 3 years old.Dachshund/cocker Mix.
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